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Re: ACT 2010 with Office 2007 - Templates cannot be edited and saved. HELP!

I am going crazy trying to resolve almost the exact same issue.  When I edit an existing template and try to save it, I get a message that says " template name.adt is currently in use.  Try again later!"  Then a "save as" window opens prompting me to save the file as a .doc file or docx file... which will not work as an ACT Template.  Funny thing is if you do try to save the file as a doc file, you get the same message that the file is currently in use.....    There was a time when I could edit the templates and save them without incident.  One day, it just started happening out of nowhere and only happens with a few templates (so far).  Some templates I can edit and then "save as" and over write the file.  But I can not use the "save" command without getting that message.


I tried saving the file by naming it  xxxxxx.adt in double quotations... this does not work ever.


The first time it happened, using Windows explorer, I went to the ACT templates folder and noticed that there was like 100 temp files of the file I was trying to save in the folder.  For some reason they were not purging out.  I deleted them and I was able to save my template.  This worked for a while but now it no longer works.


So here is my current work around... After I edit a template, I use "save as" which allows me to save as an xxx.adt file, but I save it on my C drive, not on our server in the ACT Templates folder.  Then test it and see if your changes saved.  If they did, then you can copy the edited template file from the C drive...  back to your ACT Templates folder.


I hope this helps.  If anyone has found a pemanent solution, I would love to hear it.