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Using the ACT! OleDB provider from Visual Studio

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Using the ACT! OleDB provider from Visual Studio

Published 07 June 07 11:18 PM |

When we demonstrate using the OleDB provider, the "standard" demo includes showing how easy it is to get to the ACT! data from Excel using the provider.  In fact, I have blogged about this before.  I was wondering the other day whether someone could using the OleDB provider from a custom application...So, I wrote a quick demo on how you can use Visual Studio and the OleDB provider to show a simple grid filled with ACT! data (such as Contacts)....It was very satisfying :-)

It did get me wondering though about whether this ability is obvious, and people out there do this already, or whether you would like more information and step by step on how to do so...

So, if you think that is cool (showing ACT! OleDB data in your own application) and you would like me to spend some time and document a step by step guide...let me know your thoughts as commonest to this blog...


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Re: Using the ACT! OleDB provider from Visual Studio

Vivek said on August 30, 2007 04:01 PM:

I would be quite interested in seeing this since this is exactly the sort of thing that I was trying to do a little while ago for a client since I have not been able to see the ID fields using Excel for some reason or other but I know that they are available within the SQL view! The workaround I did for my client was to use the freeware Report Genie (,1000000375,39199970s,00.htm) to connect to the OLEDB and then create the SQL statements. The fantastic thing was I was now able to see the ID fields and so create Joins between tables and create xls outputs that could be turned into pre-formated pivot tables through macros. Doing it through the SDK would be a much more neater and controlable way using the OLEDB. Only limitation with the OLE DB is no view for Activities. Smiley Surprised(