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Updated Web Context Browser Control

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Updated Web Context Browser Control

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Published 27 August 07 10:28 AM

I have been playing a bit with the .net designer support and applying that to some of the ACT! Add-ons.  one of the things I did was updating the ContactWebContextBrowser to have design time support.

Version 1.1 (Attached) enhances on the initial ContactWebContextBrowser and adds some key features. The most visible feature is a custom designer. Adding the control to a layout will automatically pop up a custom designer form as seen below.

This allows for easy and visual configuration of the Target URL for your web browser control.
Here are some features of the designer worth noting:

• You can pick from a template of URLs pre-configured for your ease.
• Note that the templates are stored in the ContactWebContextBrowser.XML file, so you can add your own templates if you wish
• The designer will automatically parse the target URL every time it changes (whether by picking from a template or by you editing it manually) and will display in the list below it the ACT! fields that it can detect in that URL.
• The field values for the ACT! fields are retrieved from “My Record” so you can easily test the Result URL
• Feel free to edit the field values to test different possible URL results. Editing these example values will not affect you’re my Record, they are simply there for the convenience of testing
• Finally, we have added easy field name discovery in the Target URL…
• Type “{“ and you will be prompted for “Contact”, Type a “.” after “{Contact” and a list of Contact Fields in you database will be displayed for you to pick from.

Finally, a new setting was added (check box on the form) which determines whether the Control only attempts to fetch a URL when visible. This way, if you have many of these controls on one layout and you only want the control to do it’s magic when visible, you can simply check the box.
A defect was also fixed where if the resulting URL was blank (for example when a contact web site is blank), then the control was “stocking” to the last URL it fetched. Now, it will go to the Default URL instead.

Source code will follow shortly....


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