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v10.0.3 is Available for Download

by on ‎09-08-2008 03:10 PM - last edited on ‎07-28-2011 11:33 AM by (19,718 Views)

I'm happy to inform you that 10.0.3 both the Windows and Web versions have been released and are available for download.  You can obtain v10.0.3 via your ACT! Update message, from the Customer Support website or with the help of your Certified Consultant.  You might wonder why I am telling you this?


ACT! Customers, and this community in particular have been really helpful providing input and feedback to our Development team.  When we work on a new major release one of the first things we tackle is to retire a number a number of outstanding issues as reported by our customers, support team and CC's.  The result is the next release would include these retired issues as well as new features.  While this is great for the buyer of the new release we heard feedback from the customers of the current release they felt they needed to upgrade to get the same issues resolved.  


This year, we changed our plan and while one of the first things we did in the ACT! 2009 (v11) was to retire a number of open issues, we branched the code to create a v10.0.3 which had many/most of the retired issues and a v11 branch to which we added the new capabilities which became ACT! 2009.  The result is customers working with ACT! 2008 (v10) are able to get the benefit of issues retired without upgrading.


We think this is a fair approach and to date have received positive feedback.   Our intent is to maintain this approach going forward.


Thanks for being such a great community!  Larry

on ‎09-09-2008 04:05 AM
Hi Larry, there are a number of users who have had issues with updating from 10.0 and 10.01 to 10.03 that have been resolved with a clean install on 10.03. Would it be possible to make the downloads of the full versions available again (as they used to be) to make this possible again?

Mike Lazarus
‎09-09-2008 06:16 PM - edited ‎09-09-2008 06:19 PM
Hi Mike,

A couple points. If users are having issues with updating please be sure they are being reported through customer support. In that way, we can examine and reproduce any issues and retire as needed. As far as your question on full download build availability - they are available to through customer support if needed and they are on the ACT! partner sites in North America and Australia (I did not check other regions).

I hope this helps. The nature of my posting was to discuss the philosophy of v10.0.3. I appreciate your questions and If you have others related to upgrades or availability of builds let's discuss outside of this blog.

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