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How To Avoid Spam Filters - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

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The Right Content to the Right People Through the Right Source - Guest Blog by Dan Ogdon

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There are so many outlets in new media to reach your customers. Likewise your customers are gathering information from more sources than ever before. It’s great for you because you can reach new and existing contacts in so many ways, but how do you make sure your message is heard and ultimately taken action upon? Read more...

Dynamic Groups and eMarketing – They’re Made for Each Other

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One of the new and in my opinion, greatest features of ACT! 2010 is that it now includes eMarketing powered by Swiftpage. For some, the concept of eMarketing is new but for many businesses the thought of living without is unimaginable. Read more...

Key questions you should be asking your customers (as told by John Jantsch) - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

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Email Marketing Made Social - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

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So, we have covered the basics of how Twitter and Facebook work from a small business marketing standpoint. Now here are 10 ways to integrate social media into your email marketing efforts. Read more...

Qualifying your Contacts with ACT! E-marketing - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

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Our very first post for the ACT! by Sage Journal shared insight into lighting up your email lists. It stressed the importance of thinking first of who your message will be sent to and why you are sending it to them, more than just “Well, I haven’t sent an email in a while, better get one together.” What if I told you the targeting doesn’t stop there? What if I told you your return on investment could increase even more because of it? Read more...

Automating Your Marketing the Smart Way - Guest Blog by Lindsey Bakel

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This year is going to be the year for “smart marketers”, according to Ed Henrich of ClickZ. Segmentation and targeting of email recipients has created buzz in the past, but 2010 will prove a year for action instead of just talk. Read more...

Building a Framework for 2010 - Guest Blog by Dan Ogdon

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It is hard to anticipate everything the next 365 days will bring, but asking yourself a few simple questions can help develop a framework to do business within that makes you more efficient, maximizes customer value and in due course generates more revenue. Read more...

Enhance your E-mail Marketing Campaigns for 2010 - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

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Today's guest blog by Annie Cooley is very timely, as we just issued a press release, “Sage CRM Solutions Developing Cloud-Based On-Demand Services To Aid Small And Mid-Sized Businesses With Sales And Marketing.” Those of you who are regular readers of the ACT! by Sage Journal will certainly recognize Annie and others in the Swiftpage family as regular contributors to this blog. Today Annie has provided some great tips on preparing your e-mail campaigns. Read more...

Annie Cooley Shares Brian Clark's Copywriting Tips For Converting Contacts - Guest Blog

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Annie Cooley, Social Media Coordinator at Swiftpage, always has some great tips to share with us.  Today she joins us to share some tips to help you convert contacts.

The founder of Copyblogger, Brian Clark inspired over 400 individuals at Swiftpage’s Thought Leader webinar, Copywriting Tips for Converting Contacts yesterday.


This is what I learned:

  • There are no rules in writing except to know your audience
  • Successful content marketing is built on trust and credibility instilled in high value content.
  • You must always provide a unique benefit
  • People are looking for a way out of reading your content (the race between each sentence and the back button)


What’s this about no rules?
Most of us learned to write a certain way in school. The problem with this is that the fundamental things we learned don’t necessarily go hand in hand with online writing. Copywriting’s single most important question is “who is your audience?” With that, people in the online world are more interested in seeing what YOU think and who YOU are. Clark defines authenticity as what people want to hear about you, reiterating the importance even more that your audience is in control. When you put your readers first, you will ultimately get what you want and separate yourself from your competitors.


You don’t have to be Shakespeare to catch the attention of your readers. No matter what you write you are creating a bond and association to your brand. Your content is subtle advertising. You create independent value from it and overtime you are not a stranger anymore, you move into the position of being an expert.


So is this what you would call Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the ability to develop content that makes people more likely to respond when you want them to. Trustworthiness, transparency, credibility and high value content are the ingredients to the success of this type of marketing. Knowing your readers and writing specifically to them will allow you to ultimately gain their permission. They will trust you enough to want to move the next step, such as email marketing, free content and surveys.


What sort of benefit can I offer?

We live in an attention economy where people are attracted to the novel and the unique and are always looking for the greater benefit. You need to take the position of offering a distinctive benefit through your content. Again, knowing your audience is crucial. When you can really decipher your reader’s needs you are able to see the gaps your content can fill in. You can answer the question “How can we be better for you?”


The race is on.

At the start of this article did you skim through it to see if it was worth your time? Did you read the first bullet points and decide whether to keep on reading? If you are reading this I hope this article was worth your time and I want to thank you for sticking with it. The truth is most people look for ways to get out of reading an article. I am just as guilty as the next.


The headline is step one to lure a reluctant reader in. Clark defines a headline as a beneficial and relevant promise to the right people. When creating a headline, you need to ask yourself who the RIGHT people are.


Step two is providing the benefit or the trade. When you know who the right people are you can find a way to communicate to them in a way that others cannot. You are able to tell a story to people who will hear you and eventually take action.


Your offer is the third step. You have successfully gotten the reader to move from sentence to sentence this far. Now you can reveal what you want. If the benefit you provided is worth it than your offer will be well considered leading you to the final step.


Step four: you have closed the deal!


We recorded the Thought Leader webinar with Brian Clark and want to share with you additional resources that he shared with us. Listen to the webinar today>>

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End of Year Review - Hear from Your Customers - Guest Blog by Dan Ogdon

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It is all about Trust - Guest Blog by Bob Ogdon

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E-marketing Basics - Light up Your List - Guest Blog by Dan Ogdon

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How can E-marketing benefit you as a business owner? - Guest Blog by Sarah Jantsch

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