Winning with Omni-channel Service

by on ‎07-11-2014 03:11 PM (31,621 Views)

Worried about the costs to deliver omni-channel service?  Don’t be – it’s actually cheaper in the long run than providing just phone support.  


Knowledge-Centered #Support: How we do our jobs

by on ‎06-10-2014 03:34 PM (28,548 Views)

In the bad old days of Support, knowledge was tribal. Analysts would fix an issue, and that was the end of it. The knowledge wouldn't go any farther than their own head. Maybe they'd mention it to someone in passing, or maybe someone would hear that John knows a lot about a specific issue. Either way, the information wasn't freely available. If you wanted it you'd have to go talk to John, which would occupy you both.


At Swiftpage, we strive to offer innovative products matched with an extraordinary support system to all of our customers and partners.  As we’ve progressed through this time of transition, many of you have vocalized your disappointment and frustration at the quality of support and service we’ve provided.