Get more from #SageACT and turn your business into an automated selling machine!

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Would you like to automate some of your daily sales, marketing, and customer service tasks, so you can have more time to focus on big opportunities? Who wouldn't, right? Read on for more information about the latest feature offering that can help you do just that... Read more...

You probably already “get it” that it is better to do things more efficiently. What I hope to show is there is a cost benefit to improving work flow processes. Read more...

In Part I of this article, I gave three reasons why I just can’t wait for Smart Tasks to be available in the new Sage ACT! 2011. To help get your creativity flowing I’m going to share three more ways that Smart Tasks will help you, as a Smart Task ninja, save time and never miss an opportunity. Read more...

There are a lot of cool new features in the upcoming release of Sage ACT! 2011, but the one I’m most excited about both for myself and my clients (yes, Hero Technical Solutions runs on ACT!) is Smart Tasks. I’m excited because among the new features, the one that will help me work less (especially on repeat, manual tasks) is what I’m looking forward to most. If you’re an owner, manager, or really anyone who would benefit from automating repeat tasks and putting parts of your business on autopilot, you should be excited too. Here are the first three of six reasons why. Read more...

I’ve always maintained that properly used, Sage ACT! allows one person do the job of three. Now, with Smart Tasks, this is truer than ever. Read more...

A little drip marketing can create a flood of revenue #SageACT

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In Sage ACT! 2011, I can set up a Smart Task that will add new contacts or new customers to my existing drip marketing campaigns in E-marketing for ACT!. Now that's a powerful combination! Read more...

Automated contact updates with customer surveys #SageACT

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You know what they say about databases—if you put garbage in, you get garbage out. I know it’s important to keep updating the contact data and other information in Sage ACT! for all of my customers. But it’s so easy to forget once I have customers on the phone.

I used to wish for a way to automate this important, yet often overlooked process. Now that I’ve seen Sage ACT! 2011, I wonder if software designers are also mind readers.

I can use the new Smart Tasks feature along with my Sage E-marketing for ACT! subscription to create and send online surveys to my customers. Or I can use one of the sample templates included with Sage ACT! 2011.

What I did was start with one of the samples called E-marketing: Incorrect/Missing Info that asks customers or prospects to update me with current contact information. Then I added it as a step to that Smart Task so that it kicks off automatically once a year. When customers fill out the survey—presto!—all of the information is automatically added to Sage ACT! 2011.

Could this be any easier?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I could go much deeper with the surveys and really learn something about my customers likes and dislikes.

Next, I plan to create my own survey that asks customers about their preferences. If I set up custom fields in Sage ACT! 2011, I can use those fields to store the preference information I get back.

Once I really understand what my customers want and need, the competition had better watch out! I plan to use survey data to separate customers into segments and send marketing campaigns with customized offers that are too tempting to pass up!

Work Smarter with Sage ACT! 2011 #SageACT

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You’ve probably seen a lot of blog posts about Sage ACT! 2011, but that’s only because we are really excited about this release. The enhancement I am most excited about in this release is the addition of Smart Tasks. Smart Tasks allow you to automate routine tasks in Sage ACT!, which helps you be more productive. While we were preparing for this release, we did a lot of user testing on this feature and we got some really great feedback from our users on what they thought of Smart Tasks and I’d like to share some of what we saw. Read more...

The Engine Behind Smart Tasks #SageACT

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By now you’re already super excited about the Sage ACT! 2011 pre-loaded Smart Tasks that let you automate your marketing and sales activities. This new functionality alone provides unmatched levels of productivity in Sage ACT!. But there’s more there: a much larger foundation is part of Sage ACT! for Smart Tasks. Read more...

Acquiring New Customers with Sage ACT! 2011 - Guest Blog by Stacy Roach #SageACT

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Acquiring New Customers with Sage ACT! 2011

by Stacy Roach


There are several new features of Sage ACT! 2011 that we are really excited about, some big new features, some small but thoughtful enhancements. As I was thinking about the laundry list of features and how to present those at our recent Sage ACT! 2011 Sneak Peak Road Show in San Francisco, I was struck by how much of the cool new “stuff” in Sage ACT! 2011 supports finding new customers. Maybe that’s because it’s a focus of many of our clients right now. With the economy showing some signs of improvement, many organizations that had been in customer retention mode are shifting to customer acquisition.


Best source of new leads? Referrals

I hope that you are utilizing the Sage ACT! Relationship tab - introduced back in ACT! 2009. With this feature, you can link contacts together and define their relationship. This is ideal for referrals. You can track all of the leads you get from a particular referral source, and when you pull up the contact record for that person, on the Relationships tab you will see a list of the other contacts this person referred you to which is great. The missing piece of the picture was the ability to create a lookup of that list of referrals. Now with Sage ACT! 2011 when you go to the Relationships tab, you can right-click and Create Lookup, bringing the contacts from the Relationship tab into the Contact List view where you can better work with them. This added Lookup Related Contacts function is one of those little enhancements that goes a long way.



Tapping New Lead Sources


If you look at your customer base, chances are you will start to see some patterns, industries or size of company or geographic tendencies. Most of our clients can easily identify their best customers – the ideal profile of a prospect. But how do you quickly and easily stack up more of those same types of potential customers in your sales pipeline? Well, first you gotta find ‘em.

Sage ACT! has introduced a number of what they call Business Services into the product. These are additional tools, some with an extra price tag, to enable you to do more with ACT! Sage E-marketing for ACT! is one example, this is where you can send e-mail blasts to your prospects & customers and track the response and results, or even automate your marketing with a Drip Marketing subscription. ACT! Mobile Live is another recent addition, allowing you to access your Sage ACT! data on your BlackBerry®, wirelessly.

In Sage ACT! 2011 the newest Business Service tool to be introduced is Sage Business Info Services for Sage ACT! – which is basically a bundled version of Hoover’s™, right in Sage ACT!  For those of you who may not know, Hoover’s™, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, is a business research company that provides information on US & foreign companies. They have a database of over 65 million companies and 85 million people. That’s a lot of data. Now you can access that data from within Sage ACT! and search for leads that fit your perfect customer profile. Once you have refined your list of leads, you can do a fast & easy import of those leads directly into Sage ACT! Having at one time been the person in a company that did the Hoover’s™ research & imported leads into Sage ACT!, I can tell you that this link will save you time and money.


Smarter Follow Up


Follow up. It’s important, no argument there. How many times have I lectured on the “Don’t Let Your Follow up Tasks Fall through the Cracks”? Many, many, times. So why don’t ACT! users do follow up? Well, for one, we’re human. For another, it’s hard. And finally, you can never predict when some other crisis is going to crop up and wipe out your nicely planned follow up activities on any given day.

In Sage ACT! 2011 you can use the new Smart Tasks feature to design a series of follow up activities, and then launch them for a contact or group of contacts and have those tasks automatically run. You can take the list of leads you imported from the Sage Business Info Services for ACT! (Hoover’s™) and tell Sage ACT! to check every Monday for new Contacts, with the ID/Status of “Lead” and apply a list of follow up activities, including sending e-mails automatically, schedule reminder calls and to-do’s. So you’ll never miss a follow up again.


Smart Tasks won’t make you a vanilla soy latte on Monday mornings (I tried) but it will help you stay on top of important follow up tasks so you can convert more of those leads to customers.



Put Your Marketing Efforts on Autopilot


Not every lead converts. Shocking, but true. So, what to do with those unresponsive contacts? Delete them from your database? No! Just because they didn’t purchase from you now doesn’t mean they won’t purchase from you in the future. But when? The fine developers at Sage are still working on integrating the crystal ball app I have requested that will allow you to see into the future and know when your prospects are ready to buy. But in the mean time your best bet is to make sure that your organization, products & services are top of mind. The best way to accomplish this “top of mind” status is to regularly stay in front of those prospects by using the Drip Marketing service via Sage E-marketing for ACT!.

Drip marketing is like drip irrigation, delivering regular “watering” or marketing messages on a schedule. You can create a campaign and include e-mail messages, post cards and even telemarketing. You can then add contacts from Sage ACT! to that campaign and Sage ACT! Drip Marketing will automatically deliver those messages without you having to lift a finger. And you can generate nifty call lists based on the interest and responses to those campaigns so your Sage ACT! users can follow up with the “hottest” prospects.


Now, if you have been paying attention, you’ll know that drip marketing is available in EVERY version of Sage ACT! It’s powered by Swiftpage and we’ve been using this amazing tool for the past 6 years. With Sage ACT! 2010, Sage integrated this awesome function directly into Sage ACT! and added it to their Business Service offerings. And it's true that there really isn’t anything new on the drip marketing service specific to Sage ACT! 2011. I just think it dovetails nicely with the Hoover’s™ data and takes over for Smart Tasks when you need to automate your marketing efforts. The ROI on drip marketing makes it a no-brainer for most of our clients.


Sage ACT! 2011 Delivers on Customer Acquisition Tools


If you are (re)focused on acquiring new customers, then these great new enhancements in Sage ACT! 2011 will definitely assist you and your team. If you haven’t yet seen the new Napkin Mike video on Sage ACT! 2011, you should check it out. He talks about these features behaving like some genius robot.  Which is cute, but true. As a seasoned sales professional myself, I am impressed by the direction these new product enhancements and see these features helping my clients find and close more new leads. Oh, and I think it will help my own business do just that as well!


Napkin Mike Talks What's New in Sage ACT! 2011

"What's New in Sage ACT! 2011" Webcast #SageACT!

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Beginning July 28th, we will have weekly "What's New in Sage ACT! 2011" webcasts, Read more...

Welcoming New Customers with Smart Tasks #SageACT

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A Smart Task in Sage ACT! 2011 is going to help my sales team follow-up consistently with each new customer to ensure higer levels of satisfaction. Read more...

Happy Birthday to…Everyone! #SageACT

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I’m just starting to explore all of the time-saving new features in Sage ACT! 2011. I’m pretty excited about how much more organized I think I can be with this version of Sage ACT! Read more...

Integrating E-marketing with ACT! 2011

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With the upcoming ACT! 2011 release, Sage will be delivering more powerful E-marketing functionality than ever before. Existing E-marketing users will be very pleased when they upgrade to ACT! 2011 and see their service capabilities expand. Read more...

The Early Bird Gets….Sage ACT! 2011

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I’m really excited to announce that Sage ACT! 2011 is now available for early ordering Read more...

ACT! – Beta Days

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A few weeks ago ACT! 2011 went into the beta phase of product deployment. As a part of this process we typically embark on a truly unique journey that involves a process known as “Beta Days”. Read more...

ACT! 2011 Beta!

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Interested in seeing the future for ACT!? Sign up for the ACT! 2011 Beta... Read more...

Getting Ready to Take ACT! 2011 on the Road

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This is my last week home before becoming an ACT! 2011 road warrior for the summer. Once again, sales is taking our show on the road to preview the latest and greatest version of ACT! due to release later this fall. Read more...