Continuing our phased rollout of ACT! Mobile Live, Sage is happy to announce the expanded availability of ACT! Mobile Live for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. This release continues the expansion of device support that now includes BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows PocketPC, and Nokia devices running the mobile Symbian OS. Read more...

Introducing ACT! Mobile Live #actmobile

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As you know from reading my blog, I am a big fan of connected services.  It gives me great pleasure to introduce our newest connected service ACT! Mobile Live.  As a quick reminder, connected services extend the capabilities of ACT! with specific capabilities that are delivered in the Cloud.  Here’s a quick overview of ACT! Mobile Live, which first supports Blackberry® devices:

•    Wireless synchronization of ACT! Contacts and Calendar with your Blackberry®
•    Works with your existing wireless mobile service
•    Integrates with the Native Contacts and Calendar applications on your device
•    Schedule synchronization at convenient times or sync when you request
•    Easily update as you change your Smartphone
•    Fast and simple sign-up
•    Supports ACT! 2010 (v12.1) and later


The best part of the service is it’s simple and easy to use.  Basically, your contacts and calendar on ACT will be in sync with your handheld.  If you meet a client and add their contact details and schedule a meeting with them from your handheld – both will be transferred to ACT!.  Likewise, entering information on ACT! will be transferred to your handheld.  Any edits/changes will also be transferred to/from ACT! so you are always up to date.


A new and very interesting service that is available today.  Please check out the links to learn more and I hope you enjoy ACT! Mobile Live.


Sign up for free 30 trial

Learn more about ACT! Mobile Live

Read the ACT! Mobile Live press release


Listen to Brandon Balsley, Sr. Product Manager, as he introduces the new ACT! Mobile Live service




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ACT! Mobile Live Now Available! #actmobile

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We are pleased to announce the general availability of ACT! Mobile Live, our latest connected service for ACT!, now available for use with BlackBerry devices. Read more...