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Your Google Account Is Safe with #SageACT

by Employee on ‎09-20-2011 11:01 AM (3,522 Views)

With Sage ACT! 2012, you can keep your Google Contacts and Google Calendar in sync with your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar.  You can also work seamlessly with Gmail to view emails sent and received from Gmail within Sage ACT!.  To perform these tasks, Sage ACT! needs access to contact, calendar, and email data from your Google account, which is protected.  To access this protected data, Sage ACT! uses an open protocol called OAuth.  OAuth lets you authorize Sage ACT! to access your Google data on your behalf, without sharing your credentials with Sage ACT!.  This is safer as it protects your account credentials. 


Here’s how this works:


  • When you set up Google Integration in Sage ACT!, part of the process will direct you to the Google site
  • If you haven’t authenticated in the Google site already, Google will prompt you to log in (authenticate).  Note that you do so via the Google site, and Sage ACT! does not know or keep your Google credentials
  • Google will then prompt you that Sage ACT! is requesting access to your Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Gmail via the web
  • If you grant access (authorize), Sage ACT! will receive an authorized token, that allows It to access aforementioned specific Google resources


Here’s why this is safer:


  • Sage ACT! never stores your Google credentials
  • Changing your Google account password won’t affect Sage ACT!
  • Sage ACT! can only access specific resources (contacts, calendar, and email), and can’t access your Google account settings, password, or other Google data
  • You can revoke Sage ACT! access to your Google data from your Google account at  any time


Who else uses OAuth?  Twitter, and Netflix, to name a few.  You can see why OAuth is a trusted standard that’s industry accepted.  And it’s also why your Google account is safe with Sage ACT!.