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Which is easier - doing business with me or learning a foreign language?#SageACT

by on ‎09-22-2010 12:54 PM (2,359 Views)

It’s easy to talk about lousy service and lousy business practices when it’s someone else’s company, but it’s much more difficult to address it in your own backyard. Additionally, a PhD in Business isn't required to conclude the quickest path to improving sales or steering your customers to the competition is customer loyalty!


Ensuring you don’t drive your customers away should be on the forefront of your daily business practices. Take a moment and consider the following steps that create and reinforce customer loyalty by making it easier to do business with you:


Be available to sell when I need to buy. Can I place an order anytime I want (i.e. 24/7)? Can I buy over the phone, online, or even in person? Anything less is not easy and unacceptable!


Have actual human beings answer the phone. If a customer wants to place an order, or has a question/problem, how easy is it to talk to a person? As a consumer yourself, how easy should it be?


Hire friendly people. VERY IMPORTANT and often overlooked - how friendly are your employees?


Leverage technology. Are you out in front of your competitors? Are you utilizing technology to improve productivity, save time, money, and personalize the customer’s experience with you? If not, review this article.


Recognize why your customers are leaving and correct them. Identify the reasons and take immediate action (i.e. stop the bleeding)!


Pinpoint why customers are buying and enhance them. Play to your strengths! Implement a strategy to increase selling opportunities and further enhance your brand…if you build it, they will come!


Be your own customer. “Reality Check” question - would you do business with you? To get a true temperature-check on your business, call to find out what it’s like to do business with your company. Then, call your greatest competitor. What are the similarities and differences?


It’s about the customer, Sparky! The customer’s perception is your reality! Entrepreneurs are in business to generate profit by filling their business bank account. Now is the time to refocus and “double-down” your efforts on the people that fill them first…your customers!


If you’re satisfied with yesterday’s results, then you’re not working hard enough! Smiley Happy