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Where do you place your focus?

by on ‎05-20-2010 08:04 AM (2,240 Views)

Is anyone other than me overwhelmed these days? Okay, too broad of a question because everyone is probably shouting heck yes. What I’m referring to is being overwhelmed with the amazing amount of places, types, styles, strategies, etc. that are available for us to conduct marketing campaigns.

I mean there are traditional things like direct mail, email, print advertising and the like. Plus, there’s all the online stuff like search engine marketing, online display advertising, contextual advertising. And so much more in social media these days from tweeting to groups on networks to display advertising on them to participating in virtual reality shows. And mobile’s next on our plate – trying to get familiar with all that’s available to us in that arena. Oh, and webinars/webcasts, writing white papers, making online games, and oh my.

And then, remember you have to test within all of these venues as well, so there’s another layer of complexity. Whoo, you see where I’m going.

So how do you figure out where to place your focus? We all these days have limited resources, time, money and all that jazz. I’m just trying to determine the best places to put our efforts.

I recently read an article about a similar topic and they had some good suggestions. One in particular that is a good reminder, “To keep yourself sane, the trick is to create some amazing content once, then repurpose it for other channels (e.g., video, mobile, social) and package it for various vertical markets.”* We’ve been employing this strategy for some time and are working on it for our upcoming campaign launches. As we incorporate more marketing channels, nurture campaigns, etc. we’re finding that content is still the leading driver of where we market, how we market, and how our customers and prospects respond.

It’s a start. We’re also determining where are customers (and people like them) are participating to ensure we’re in the right spots. Again, on the right path.

But, we’re still working to figure out how to focus. As you develop your strategies, how are you wading through all the choices?