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When it's OK to Steal by @nebjiman

by on ‎07-30-2014 03:19 PM (28,906 Views)

Being a maker can be tough work. You don't need to invent the wheel to build a car. Understand when you can leverage the work of others to drive success. 
I believe that everyone wants to be a master of their craft. In some cases this means starting from raw ingredients and building something unique from scratch. More often in order to reach new levels of competency you have to rely on the specialties of other. 
Even with the case of ingredients, others make the tools, grind the flour, machine the screws, mill the wood, churn the butter, weave the wool. What are you making, Ben?
Bottom line to make something great you need the right tools and the right help.  
I'm a big fan of looking for open source alternatives. This week I'm working on an infographic to help communicate a problem/solution and I've found these two tools. 
First a source for all sorts of free graphics.
Then here's a free program that helps edit them like Adobe Illustrator.
Hope these tools and ingredients help make your life easier and let’s you focus on your craft!