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What is Sage E-marketing for ACT!?

by on ‎09-08-2010 11:55 AM (2,242 Views)

If you've seen Sage ACT! 2011, or read any of the literature, you've probably seen at least one mention of Sage E-marketing for ACT!. What  happened to good old ACT! E-marketing, you ask?  Well... it got a new name, and it got even better, that's what!  ACT! E-marketing has been re-named to Sage E-marketing for ACT!, and along with Sage Business Info Services for ACT!, it is one of the centerpieces of a growing portfoilio of ACT! connected services.


We did more than just change the name, however.  We also changed the icon!  Okay, we did more than that, too.  The service itself has been recently enhanced, adding several key new features that increase your marketing reach and decrease your time and effort.  Thanks to these new enhancements, you can do so much more!

  • Imported email templates can now be edited
  • Email templates can be published as (Web) Landing Pages
  • Documents can be linked to emails (PPT, XLS, TXT and PDF)
  • Documents and Images can be stored online

To learn more about Sage E-marketing for ACT! please check out its home page here.


But wait, there's more (channeling Billy Mays now)! We made Sage E-marketing work more closely with ACT! than ever before! Sage ACT! 2011 has a new feature area called Smart Tasks, and Sage E-marketing for ACT! is integrated with Smart Tasks right out of the box!!  This means you can automate your E-marketing even more, automatically sending emails from your list of templates based on database triggers, or automatically adding contacts to your drip marketing campaigns.  How cool is that!


If you want to learn more about Smart Tasks and see the integration with Sage E-marketing for ACT!, I suggest taking a look at the recorded webcast "Working Smarter with Smart Tasks in Sage ACT! 2011," which can be viewed from our webcast center here.


Enjoy the new features of Sage E-marketing for ACT!. And if you're lucky enough to be using Sage ACT! 2011, be sure to try out the Smart Tasks integration. You'll be doing your E-marketing smarter and faster than ever before!