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What are you recognized as being the BEST at?

by on ‎10-14-2010 10:41 AM (2,181 Views)

How you are perceived by others will determine not only how they treat you, but also how they are willing to interact with you, build relationships with you, buy from you, be loyal to you, refer others to you, give testimonials for you, and compensate you. If your customers do not consider you BEST, they will try their best to lower your price, or simply buy from someone else!


Most salespeople are focused on monthly quotas, annual revenue, or maybe locking in a promotion.  All of those are remedial goals because none of them have the word BEST at their core. Are you the number one salesperson in your company? Better yet, do you own your industry’s market space? If you’re not…why? Or better yet - what are you doing about it?


AHA MOMENT - BEST does not solely apply to your occupation…BEST also applies to dad or mom, friend or spouse!


If you’re doing the BEST, then ultimately you’ll become the BEST! You may not see your own growth because you’re too close to it. However, take a moment and reflect over the last few years. Have you grown? Have you improved year-over-year? In all probability, the answer may, in fact, be yes! But, the more important question is - to what extent? Could you have been better or done more? Did you only achieve those objectives necessary to get by?


MOMENT OF TRUTH – Do you possess a “9-to-5” mentality? How about the “game changer” – the individual who doesn’t accept mediocrity and strides to be BEST? The differences and results are vast!


The satisfied ones usually hit their quota. The good ones are usually successful. The BEST are always fulfilled!


Take care of all the little things to perfection…the big things will take care of themselves!