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Welcoming New Customers with Smart Tasks #SageACT

by on ‎07-22-2010 08:52 AM - last edited on ‎08-05-2010 08:40 AM by (3,743 Views)

I’ve found another really useful Smart Task template in Sage ACT! 2011. If I plan the right Smart Tasks, I won’t have to remember half as many little details to keep my business running smoothly. This “Closed Opportunity Follow-Up” Smart Task is going to help me and my sales team to remember to get in touch with new customers at just the right time.


Here’s how this Smart Task works:


  1. Whenever it runs, it scans all current Opportunities in Sage ACT! and picks out those that have changed status to “Closed – Won” to identify new customers.
  2. As soon as that happens, the Smart Task sends an email that lets the Record Manager know that a new customer has closed the first sale.
  3. It waits seven days, allowing the customer to get to know our company and try out the products or services they just purchased.
  4. After seven days, a call is scheduled on the appropriate sales person’s calendar for them to call and check in with the customer. It’s a perfect time to make sure they are satisfied with their purchase, and maybe even lay the groundwork for selling additional products down the road.

When you look at a Smart Task template, the whole thing is displayed as a visual workflow. You can see instantly how the pieces of the process fit together. Here’s what this Smart Task looks like:



I could easily edit this Smart Task to apply to other situations. In fact, I could change the steps for this one in just a few minutes. I could add in a step that sends the customer an email containing our Customer Service phone number and details about our money-back guarantee. I could change the timing of steps, perhaps only waiting three days before making contact. Or I could add in more sales calls—maybe at one month and three months—so that we conduct more personal follow-up with each customer.


I know from experience that it costs me much less to create a repeat customer than to close a new customer. With Smart Tasks, I’m ready to get a lot more committed to outstanding customer service.


-Napkin Mike