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Welcome to the Next Generation of Act! #ActNextGen

by on ‎05-22-2014 10:06 AM (26,624 Views)

It’s somewhat fitting that over 27 years ago, Act! was making its first introduction to customers - creating a fondness, fanaticism, and relationship with millions.  Today, we introduce existing and future customers and fanatics to the Act! Next Generation Portfolio.

The strength of Act! is that it focuses on helping to manage relationships.  We know that business, friendships, and future deals are established upon the relationships that people build, and for 27 years we have been working with our customers to help them build better relationships.  We recognize that over this time customers preferences around technology have changed.  We’ve taken what we know about relationship management and built a solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime. I’m proud to introduce Act! Cloud to the world.


Act! Cloud takes all we know about simplicity, interaction, time management and relationship development and provides a solution anyone can use to manage their relationships; personal or business. 


As you may know, we recently launched Act! version 16.1 which has Act! emarketing integrated directly into the product1. We achieved an equally impressive integration with the emarketing service into Act! Cloud, including the recommendation engine that powers the Call List2 feature.  This marks the first of what will be a host of service offerings that we will integrate to both our existing Act! on-premise and hosted products and our Act! Cloud offering. Most of these offerings will be centered around facilitating interactions and providing predictive analytics-driven recommendations so users can guess less and focus on building relationships.

In addition to the Act! Cloud and Act! emarketing announcements, we’re communicating timelines for improvements to Act! that both further enhance the existing integrations as well as incorporate feedback from our customers on changes and additions to Act!.  One key update comes for the Act! Premium Hosted service which now also includes Act! emarketing integration3, and will allow for further customer customization and management improvements.


We’re living the exclamation here at Swiftpage and invite you to contact us about our Act! next generation products.

Read all about the Act! Next Generation Portfolio in today’s press release.


I hope you love the new Act! Next Generation Portfolio and enjoyed this blog. If so, please let me know.  Want to see something different? I want to know that too. Please share your thoughts here!



1,3 Additional subscription required after 60-day free trial. Product features vary based on services chosen.

2 Additional fee applies.