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Using Smart Tasks throughout the sales cycle #SageACT

by on ‎08-17-2010 10:52 AM (5,248 Views)

Now that I’m really cooking with Smart Tasks in Sage ACT! 2011, I have set them up during different stages of the sales cycle. Smart Tasks give my team a roadmap of best practices so we can win more new customers.

Here are the Smart Tasks I have put to use, along with the corresponding stage of our sales cycle:


First interaction—Put the new contact into our lead nurturing drip campaign in Sage E-marketing for ACT! After they receive that series of emails, schedule a call for the record manager.


Needs assessment—Schedule a to-do for the record manager to complete the necessary customer interview and needs assessment forms.


Evaluation—Send our “Why Us” email that offers some compelling benefits our company offers customers that our competitors don’t. Schedule a follow-up call from the record manager.


Close—Send a “Welcome” email to begin the process of nurturing this new customer relationship for future repeat business. Schedule a follow-up call from record manager to thank the customer again for his or her business and ensure that our products or services are getting the job done.


We know from experience that following this pattern of interaction with potential customers yields the highest close rates for us. Now that we have automated so many parts of the sales process, it runs like clockwork.

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