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Using #SageACT! with Peachtree

by on ‎10-12-2010 08:13 AM (3,090 Views)

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to visit a conference for small business development consultants.  As I talked with some of the conference attendees, we had a lot of great conversations about ACT! and how it can help small business grow their business, but two conversations kept coming up over and over.  The first was about email Marketing and the second was about how ACT! integrates with Peachtree.  E-marketing is something we talk about a lot when we talk about ACT!, but we often under-sell the value of the ACT! integration with Peachtree.


ACT! has integrated with Peachtree for several versions now and this can be a really powerful tool for companies that are using both applications.  The link that you need to make the two applications talk to each other is free and you can find it on  There’s a matrix on their site that allows you to match the version of ACT! you’re using with the version of Peachtree you’re using so you can get the right link. 


Once you’ve downloaded your link, the setup is a breeze and takes care of itself.  Once it’s done, you’ll notice a new tab in your contact detail layout called “Peachtree” and a new menu item, also called “Peachtree”.  You can use this menu to synch up the contacts in ACT! with the contacts in Peachtree.  If you have a need to keep the contact in both places, this will save you not only data entry time, but it will also help you keep the data the same in both places.  If you make a change to the contact’s information, you can always use that menu item to update your contact information. 


Not only can you keep your contact information consistent, but you can see a summary of your Peachtree data related to that contact in ACT!.  Things like payment history, order and invoice information will show up in that tab and can really add value to the conversation when you’re talking with a customer.  If, for instance, you notice than a quote has been sent to the customer through Peachtree, you can see that information in ACT! and follow up with the customer because you have the most recent information from Peachtree at your fingertips. 


This is especially helpful for customers who have ACT! and Peachtree on different machines.  I’ve talked to customers in organizations where the accountant or office manager has Peachtree on their machine and the sales team has ACT! on their machines and when the sales team is talking to a customer, they have to go talk to the office manager to get the information about a customer’s order and invoice history before calling the customer.  For those folks, this link is a huge time saver!  Just log into ACT!, look at the Peachtree tab, and you have all the information you need at your fingertips.


If you are using both applications separately, try the link.  You can access it here: