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Using Sage ACT! for personal tasks #SageACT

by ‎11-02-2010 09:11 AM - edited ‎11-02-2010 09:14 AM (2,133 Views)

My daughter turned 4 years old last month and being a bit naive about what is socially expected I foolishly volunteered to "invite her friends" (including her preschool class) to her birthday party while my wife was travelling for work.  My understanding of this task was to tell my daughter to invite her friends to the park on Saturday for the big event and to help out I thought I would ask her teacher to remind her to do this on Tuesday morning.  


I was caught a little off-guard by the rebuke from the teacher.  Apparently not all 4 year olds are as reliable communicators as I have come to believe given my daughters often detailed recounts of her day.  It became apparent that I would need to communicate with a bunch of people I didn't know and invite them to this party.  Not only that, but I needed to make this invite exciting enough to get people to give up part of their weekend and bring gifts!  


My wife heard the slight panic in my voice that evening and reminded me we keep a group in Sage ACT! of all of the parents of friends and classmates in our daughters class.  I immediately had a light bulb moment and decided right there to put Sage E-marketing for ACT! to the test.  


Like any properly organized and well attended event, this birthday party needed a communications plan!.  Creating the e-mail invite using the templates in Sage E-marketing for ACT! was pretty simple - embedding a map to the park was a nice thought, the landing page with a link to the RSVP survey was pure genius (thank you very much) -I ordered enough pizza and subs to avoid a party disaster, and the reminder e-mail and print flyer we handed out in class was well received.  


I'm a kind of a celebrity now amongst the other parents, and more importantly I managed to impress my daughter and my wife, but as Sage ACT! users may well know; all of this only took a little over an hour on a Tuesday night.  With Sage ACT! 2011, Smart Tasks, Sage E-Marketing for ACT! all of these features were right at my fingertips.  The templates and tools were easy to use and re-purpose for this event, and the integration with ACT! groups made this all happen after a couple of button clicks.


I have to admit sometimes using Sage ACT! for personal tasks is a little more satisfying than using it for work - a warm hug and adoring eyes from a 4 year old sure beats a pat on the back.