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Tracking emails in Sage ACT!

by on ‎03-10-2011 07:33 AM (10,841 Views)

Attaching emails into Sage ACT! is one of the key benefits of the application, but I've been struck by how many customers I've spoken with lately who are not using this feature, which always surprises me.  This feature is why I can't live without Sage ACT!.  I hate the feeling of just knowing I sent someone an email and not being able to find it in Outlook.  Since I started using Sage ACT!, I never have that feeling anymore, I just go to their contact record and check the history tab.


If you are not using this feature, let me walk you through how to set it up.  Using the Tools menu in Sage ACT!, select "Preferences" and then click on the "E-Mail & Outlook Sync" tab.  Click on the "E-mail System Setup" button.  This will take you through a wizard to help you set up your E-Mail integration.  Once this is set up, emails will attach back to your contacts and I promise, this will keep you much better organized.


One more point on this feature, sometimes you don't want your emails to be attached back into Sage ACT!.  Say, for example, you're sending one of your co-workers an email asking them where they want to go for lunch.  That's not necessarily an email you want to preserve or refer to in the future.  Sage ACT! gives you the ability to exclude emails that are sent between users of the database so that lunch email doesn't have to live forever.  To set this up, click on the Tools menu in Sage ACT!, select "preferences" again and click on the "Admin" tab.  If you de-select the checkbox that says "Allow history creation for e-mails sent from a user of this database to another user", that lunch email won't clog up your database.


If you aren't using this feature yet, I suggest you take five minutes today and set it up.  I promise it will definitely be worth your time in gained productivity in the future!