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Top Three Buying Signals in Telesales

by on ‎03-07-2011 06:09 AM (4,370 Views)

In telesales, to be a top performer there are several skills that are very important to have, but I feel one of the most important are listening skills. When I evaluate & monitor calls, many times I hear a buying signal the sales professional may not hear or pick up on (that’s why it is so important to listen!) What is buying signal? It’s when a prospect asks a certain question, says a certain phrase or speaks a certain way indicating they are ready to purchase, instead of just stating, “I'm ready to buy.”


Below are three buying signals commonly heard in Telesales. When the sales professional hears the buying signals mentioned below, he / she should go for the close!!


#1   Asking Detailed Questions:   

  • Why: When the prospect begins to ask a list of detailed questions and you’re able to answer them with a “yes” & with a brief explanation on how, which is a sign you may be able to close the sale. Some examples:
    • “How long will it take for me to receive the product?
    • “What number do I call for support?” (If you sell service plans.)
    • “If I have problems afterwards, can I call you?” 

#2   Asking About Their Investment:  

  • Why: If you’ve properly explored the need with the customer and they begin to ask about the cost, that’s another great buying signal to close the sale. It’s always helpful to ask about their budget beforehand, this way when you recommend a solution or package, it’s within their budget or maybe just a little higher (if you tried to upsell, which is what you should be doing!) Remember; always refer to the cost as an investment.


#3   Using Possession Language:  

  • Why: It’s always a strong buying signal when the prospect begins to speak as if they already own the product or how they might use it in the future. In their mind, they’ve already purchased it, so close the sale!! Some examples:        
    • “I can go ahead and set my secretary on Sage ACT! and we share the database.”
    • “I can begin to do some of my marketing using Sage email marketing for ACT!”
    • “I can set up my sales teams to only see certain leads now.” 

Why is it so important to be aware of buying signals? Hearing and instantly reacting to a prospect’s buying signals often is the difference between closing the sale rather than having to set a follow-up or potentially losing the sale.


Happy selling!