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Top 5 Usability Enhancements in Sage ACT! 2011

by on ‎09-07-2010 10:01 AM (4,826 Views)

Sage ACT! 2011 Usability Improvements


You’re heard a lot about some of the big new features in Sage ACT! 2011:  Outlook Integration with contact and calendar synching, Smart Tasks automation and Sage Business Info Services to help you search for new leads, but there are a lot of little things we’ve done with this release to make it easier to use. 


Top 5 things we’ve done in Sage ACT! 2011 to make it easier to use:


  1.  Back Button:  We’ve got a new back button in Sage ACT!.  Not only does it allow you move forward and backward throughout the application like a browser back button, but it also stores up your recently visited places in a stack so you can easily navigate to them.  If you have used the “lookup previous” function in previous versions of ACT!, it’s very much like that but for every place in ACT!, not just Contacts.

2.  History filtering:  We heard from users like you that you really like that the histories capture so many things in ACT!, including field changes, but sometimes that information is a little bit overwhelming when you’re looking for a specific history, so we’ve added the ability to filter your history types on the history tabs. 


3.  Canceling out of new group and company creation:  Have you ever accidentally created a group or company and then been unable to cancel out of the action?  This used to happen to me all of the time and it was annoying to have to complete the action of creating the new group or company and then deleting it.  Now, if you accidentally create a group or company, you can just cancel out of the action.  It’s one of those small things that just makes life so much easier.


4.  Clickable dashboard charts:  In ACT! 2010, we introduced several new dashboard charts with cool information on them like Recently Created Contacts or Recently Edited Contacts.  Unfortunately, there was no way to click on the names in these charts and go to the detail records associated with them.  We’ve added this ability in because every click we can save you navigating through ACT! adds up and saves you time in your already busy day!


5.  Changed the default behavior for deleting users in the database:  This great idea came from our community.  A user wrote in and asked why we had made the default action for deleting users to delete all of their associated records instead of re-assigning them since people sometimes click on the “OK” button too fast and then lose their contacts.  Changing the default to reassign the records seemed like a great idea to us, so we changed it.  Now you still have both options, of course, but the default option is to reassign the records, not delete them.


If you have a great idea for making ACT! easier to use, please share it with us on the “Share Your Ideas” forum here:


We’d love to hear from you!