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Top 3 Metrics To Help Manage Sales Productivity

by on ‎06-08-2011 04:32 AM (835 Views)

As a Sales Manager I know that a productive team equals a top producing revenue team!  It’s critical to manage how your sales agents spend their day. There are too many distractions (phone, internet, social media, co-workers etc.) that could take them away from properly spending their time on revenue generating activities.

Below are the top 3 metrics I leverage to help manage productivity.


#1  Amount of Inbound & Outbound Calls

  • Coaching Tip: Send out a daily stack ranking to emphasize the amount of inbound & outbound calls by sales agent.  Call out top performers in front of their peers and watch as the rest of the team works to become #1.
  • Why: This allows sales professionals to track where they rank amongst their peers and makes them brutally aware how far ahead or behind they are against their inbound / outbound call goal. Top performing sales professionals are naturally competitive and strive to be #1. Also, there is a direct correlation between productivity & revenue. If their productivity is low for the day, you may want to probe on how they are managing their day. You may uncover something just by asking a couple of questions!! J  
  • Frequency: Daily (minimum 2 – 3 times)  


#2  Average Talk Time

  • Coaching Tip: Sit with your sales team, listen to calls, and coach them to maximize their bundling and up selling opportunities on each & every call.
  • Why: This raises awareness of the average amount of time a sales professional is spending on the phone with the customers or prospects. If this metric is lower than average, then the sales professional is missing revenue opportunities and is likely not asking the right “explore the need” questions.As a Sales Manager it is important to know that your sales force is taking advantage of every opportunity made available to them.
  • Frequency: This metric should be available daily.


#3  Total Talk Time Vs. Idle & Available  

  • Coaching Tip: Spend time with sales professionals on the floor listening to calls, monitoring them from your office and do walk by’s to ensure they are being as productive as possible.
  • Why: This is a great metric to track as it increases awareness of how much of their day is spent speaking to customers & prospects vs. sending out quotes, responding to emails, gathering information for customers and unrelated work tasks.
  • Frequency: This metric should be available weekly.


It’s important for all sales professionals to know if their productivity is above or below average, or just average, when ranked against peers in a similar job. This allows them to set goals to improve their below average or average metrics; which in turn, will increase sales and revenue.


Metrics alone will not drive performance; however, leveraging metrics to coach sales professionals is a powerful way to drive sales performance!! 


Happy selling,