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Top 10 Reasons the New Look in ACT! 2010 ( #act2010 ) Will Save You Time - #7 iCalendar Compatibility

by on ‎08-04-2009 08:44 PM - last edited on ‎08-05-2009 11:27 AM by (7,343 Views)

We all know the frustration of sending a meeting request and not being sure if someone outside of your company network or database is receiving the invitation.  And of course, not everyone uses the same email host or even ACT!.  I had this blunder recently, to my surprise more than half the people on the meeting request couldn't read it.  The good news - with the new iCalendar compatibility in ACT!, you won't have this experience.  Check it out!


iCalendar compatibility lets you send true meeting invitations to someone that doesn’t use ACT!, as well as any necessary meeting updates.  There are no limitations to who you can send a request to, any email host that accepts iCalendar works with ACT!.  Another bonus, with so many people working on-the-go these days, meetings accepted from a handheld device will copy into ACT!.








Just in case you just joined the countdown, here is an update:


#8 - Related Tasks

#9 - Quick Access to Search

#10 - Big "Easy" Buttons



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