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Top 10 Reasons the New Look in ACT! 2010 ( #act2010 ) Will Save You Time - #8 Related Tasks

by on ‎08-04-2009 04:19 PM (6,466 Views)

I don’t always appreciate the helpful features of various software applications. I realize these smart applications are just trying to help save time.  However, they aren’t always helpful and sometimes require more time than they save. If you read a blog entry I have authored with a capital letter after ACT!, you will have witnessed the type of “helpful” feature that gets me into trouble.


Our #8 time-saving feature in ACT! 2010, Related Tasks, is risk free. It simply saves you keystrokes and time getting to the destinations you use most frequently. The Related Tasks menu changes to offer you menu items most relevant to the task at hand. Check it out!


Related Tasks




In case you just joined the countdown, here's an update: