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Three Tips on Release Management #Tips #ProdMgmt

by on ‎05-28-2014 03:30 PM (27,823 Views)

I’ve participated in every release of Act! for the last eight years and have been leading the charge for the last three. I’ve picked up a few practices that I believe can help drive success in any project you may be working on. I hope these tips help!


  1. Know your team

Your team is what is going to create the value in your project, understanding their skills and limitations is critical to the success. Spend time interviewing each of them so you are aware of what they want to accomplish. I believe that everyone wants to work. Everyone wants to be good at what they do. If you can figure out what work your team wants to do and aim that towards your project goals, you’ll find that the team will put in the extra effort. If you assign people to work on a project or task they don’t value, you’ll find people checking out early and crushing candy when no one is looking.


  1. Define your project and iterate

Any successful team endeavor starts with a story. Why are we here today? What value are we trying to deliver? What specifically are we trying to accomplish? You have to be able to tell this story in a compelling fashion to


  1. Over – Estimate, Over – Deliver


I have a practice of adding in an unknown scope factor and padding some estimates when starting my project plans. People will always underestimate the amount of work that it takes and accurately planning for the roadblocks that will happen is impossible.  In the unlikely case that your plan leaves you some extra time, add a little extra to the project. That’s a completely different discussion than not delivering the full expected value on time!


Hope these help you drive success in your projects! Have some tips of your own? Please share them here!