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Thought Leader Series Recap: How to Build an e-Marketing Strategy that Drives Sales - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎06-29-2010 08:30 AM (3,739 Views)

Thought Leader Series Recap:  How to Build an e-Marketing Strategy that Drives Sales

by Annie Cooley


Last week Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions shared her e-marketing expertise for June’s Thought Leader Series.  She discussed how to build an e-marketing strategy that drives sales.

A sneak peek into what we learned:

You build engagement in the buying cycle and accomplish transition by going through these steps:  status quo –› priority –›  research –› options –› step backs –› validation

By sticking to the above storyline the marketing and sales teams can work closely together with the intent of shortening the sales process and maintaining fluid communication.


Understanding how to appeal to catch factors (or gut reactions) allows you to generate interest and relevancy.  The catch factors Albee mentions are urgency, impact, effort, and intent.


Buyers have changed how they buy.  You now have to influence an array of buyers and decision makers. You have to appeal to buyer personas and buyer Q&A.


Albee describes a content plan based on education, expertise and evidence.  Through each of these avenues, word of mouth and referrals can back up the content.  You can use these forms of content to drive engagement during the buying cycle.  People learn differently so it is important to think about different formats that will engage prospects where they are.  Make sure you always have a call-to-action that leads to further content and an eventual sale.  Always build in creative ways to qualify contacts.


The Nurturing Framework Albee illustrates moves from content to application to distribution.  With content you decide when and how to use it.  To apply the content you use intelligence you have about buyers and create messaging focused around prospects.  You also want to determine strategic ways of inviting your prospects to interact with your company.  The distribution stage should be focused on your market, and the frequency and reach you want to achieve.  The biggest take away from this process is that you have to just put it together and get it out there, then measure and fine tune on the fly.  Don’t wait for your process to hit perfection before you share it with your prospects because the truth is, it will never be perfect in this fast paced, dynamic business world we live in.  You learn by trying and your process will evolve over time with your prospects.


Integrate outbound marketing with inbound demand generation, meaning the more we integrate content the more we can share it in different ways.  Albee says we need to prevent the idea that nurturing is only what happens in drip marketing campaigns.  In all actuality it reaches much further into the world of social media, article marketing, blogging and more.


This webinar is rich in e-marketing strategy tips. To listen to and view the slide deck, click here.