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The spirit of innovation

by on ‎01-10-2011 07:45 AM (2,109 Views)

I suspect my wife hates that the CES show is so close to my birthday and close enough to Phoenix that each year I suggest a leisurely weekend drive to Vegas with obvious ulterior motives.  The truth is I'm not really all that much excited by technology, but I'm a real fan of innovation.  While CES is obstesively a technology show, it's amazing to see how far the definition of technology is stretched by some vendors who really want to show off innovation (even Reece's Pieces got in on the action this year).     


Innovation is an interesting thing, sometimes it appears as two completely different things coming together to solve a problem very elegantly.  Other times it's the same concept or idea from a decade ago, packaged up and ready for the new world.  Innovation challenges the mind to think differently, remove parameters and change perspectives.  It helps us recognize that sometimes keeping the same old patterns is a losing strategy, and that change isn't always great, but it shouldn't be feared.


What's most interesting about CES is that innovation is not always about commercial success.  Sure a lot of vendors are trying to monetize their innovation, but it seems like some understand that success is the intersection of opportunity and time and it's just not their time, yet they still cheerily show off their innovation. 


This always gets me thinking "out side of the box" around how we can create more innovative solutions with Sage ACT!, I love the ideas we get from our community and seeing the spirit of innovation shining bright.  The idea of a Google car integration with ACT! and your calendar to plot out a daily route is fantastic!


This year, I decided to go with something a little more realistic, I asked my wife for an integration between ACT! and my car that would read the mileage and auto schedule tire and oil changes. 


Yep,  I'm pretty sure she hates CES.