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The Value of Employee Loyalty

by on ‎04-14-2009 04:05 PM (5,492 Views)

As a customer loyalty champion, I have learned that engaged and satisfied employees are a critical component to the delivery of an outstanding customer experience. Employee satisfaction directly affects product quality, successful implementations, customer service and support. 


As I thought through the topic I recalled a paper published by Allegiance (, entitled “The 11 Top Ways to Increase Your Employee Loyalty” * the opening question asks, “How much do you value your employees?” 


Out of the Top 11, I wanted to share the five I feel most passionately about and have worked to nurture within my own team environments here at Sage.  Employees feel most valued and connected when these parameters exist in the workplace: 


1.  Start by measuring employee engagement. Set a baseline by understanding employees current level of loyalty.  The process can range from very simple to very complex.  Measuring your employees’ passion about work can be a simple as asking a few scaled questions around the subjects of: job satisfaction, productivity and likelihood to recommend company as a great place to work. 

2.  Promote and manage “Being Helpful”. Employees want to feel like they make a contribution and that what they do makes a difference. Employees take pride in delivering outstanding service, feeling that they are using their skills and ability to the fullest, and that they are empowered to solve customer problems.  

3.  Employees must feel confident.  Employees want to feel like they can perform their assigned jobs with confidence, that their future is secure and that they are progressing towards their own personal goals.  Continued training and education is very important, make sure employees know about, and take advantage of, your company’s training options. 

4.  Employees need to feel accepted as a contributor by their peers. Teams encourage a challenging but supportive environment.  Strong loyal teams provide one level of acceptance, teamwork between departments provides another.  Employees become more engaged through increased acceptance and will share a common bond of beliefs and purpose about the organization.  Encourage team building.  There are well-documented benefits to creating trust and acceptance among work groups. 

5.  Employees want to feel respected.  Employees should feel that their company regards them as an important asset and that managment has realistic expectations about what they can achieve.  It is imperative that managers be fair and that there is no perceived “special” treatment of other team members.   


Finally, recognition from senior management makes a meaningful, engaging difference on employee morale and motivation. 


Standing out among the competition could depend entirely on how you nurture and value your employees. How is your company engaged in ensuring your employees feel valued, satisfied and loyal?


* LaMalfa, Kyle. "The Top 11 Ways to Increase Your Employee Loyalty."

© 2007 Allegiance, Inc. All rights reserved.