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The Sage ACT! Ecosystem

by on ‎10-10-2011 12:40 PM (5,931 Views)

We are very fortunate to have 3 million loyal Sage ACT! users worldwide - close to 30,000 users are here in the Sage ACT! community! I'd like to thank each of you for your loyalty and passion for Sage ACT!.

We're always looking for ways to help users get the most out of Sage ACT!. Fortunately, we have a great support network to help you do just that:

ACT! Certified Consultants (ACCs) - our ACCs are independent professionals who are passionate about Sage ACT! and their customers. This exclusive group is trained and authorized by Sage to sell, implement and guide you in using Sage ACT!. Many of you have benefited from their invaluable expertise and experience both on-site and here in the community where they have a huge presence. Our ACCs are dedicated to ensuring Sage ACT! is meeting your needs. Because of their passion for both the product and their customers, they are very vocal about sharing any feedback you have with us through the
venues they have been provided as Sage partners. You can find out more about ACCs here.

Development Partners - certified by Sage, Development Partners provide valuable software applications that add functional value and extend the Sage ACT! solution footprint in many innovative ways.  You can learn more about the many available Add-on solutions certified and/or endorsed by Sage here.

Community Members - our community members are the best! We have a vibrant and growing membership where Sage ACT! customers, partners and other technical experts provide insight, advice and stimulate conversation.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated, diverse, passionate and knowledgeable group of individuals contributing their time and experience for everyone's benefit.  Becoming a member of the community is free and allows you to post questions and vote on the posts and ideas of other members. Join the Sage ACT! Community here

Sharing Feedback

We have a number of ways to gather and sort your feedback and comments for further analysis. As the name implies, the Share Your Ideas forum, which is actively monitored by our product management team, is available for you to share your great ideas for improving Sage ACT! 365 days a year. Many members provide their feedback in our product forums here in the community.  Depending on your version, you might choose to post your input in either the Sage ACT!, or Sage ACT! Premium forum. In addition, we use in-product surveys, targeted surveys and direct interviews with prospects, customers and partners to gather your feedback.  Hundreds of customers participate in our annual beta program and provide invaluable input for new releases.

Reporting what you believe is a Software Defect

If you think you’ve found a defect in Sage ACT!, we would very much like to hear about it. You can post information about the issue in either the Sage ACT!, or Sage ACT! Premium product forum. Not only are these forums monitored by Sage personnel who will work to reproduce your issue, other Sage ACT! users might also provide helpful information. If our team can
reproduce your issue, they will log it in our defect database and acknowledge it in the product forum. As workarounds and product updates are available, the team will provide updates in the community, in-product and in the knowledgebase.

Connecting with Sage

Our primary social hub for interacting with you is here in the Sage ACT! Community.  Of course, 3 million users don't necessarily stay connected in the same way, so you can join the conversation in your social media site(s) of choice; Twitter (@ACTbySage), Facebook,
LinkedIn, and YouTube.  You'll find Sage users, partners and staff ready to engage in conversation surrounding Sage ACT!.  In addition, there are several fan and partner created LinkedIn groups with lively discussions you may enjoy.  We're listening in on the conversations in many of these groups, so regardless of where you choose to engage, you'll likely see participation from one or more of our Sage ACT! team members.

The entire Sage ACT! team respects and welcomes the wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and ideas the worldwide Sage ACT! community has to share. I encourage you to utilize the expertise of our ACCs, the functionality-extending 
tools from our Development partners and the support of other community members to enhance your Sage ACT! experience.  We also welcome your feedback in any of our social media venues, including here in the community, to help us continue to improve Sage ACT!.

‎10-12-2011 07:00 AM - edited ‎10-12-2011 07:03 AM

Well Larry, let me tell you about our (Europower Generators) experience with the Sage Act! Ecosystem.

ACT! Certified Consultants (ACCs): We always buy our Act upgrade from a certified consultant. When we recently purchased a 2011 upgrade we encountered countless problems. We reported all these problems, one by one, to the Act consultant. End result: none of them have been fixed, half our mails get ignored, a complete lack of effort and knowledge by the consultant.

Community Members: Although I must say some community members have tried to help us with our problems, when the problems are software defects however, there's only one resource that can help us, and that's Sage themselves.
Which brings me to:

Reporting what you believe is a Software Defect: We've reported several software defects on the forum. What have we noticed here, these posts get ignored. There does seem to be some sage personnel on the forums, however they seem to cherry-pick the easy cases where the user is the problem and only provide feedback in these topics. Most other topics get ignored.

We've also tried to contact our local Sage branch office. Sage Belgium. We've tried contacting them through the ACC that sold us Act, aswell as directly. In both cases we got a "We'll have a look at it" response and after that silence. For months on end. Our latest email to Sage Belgium did not get a response. So Larry, I don't know where you're getting this "Wonderful helpful" Sage community thing from, because honestly, we're not seeing it. And I'm sure we're not the only ones who feel like this.

on ‎10-12-2011 11:45 AM

Dear EuropowerGenerators,


I appreciate this feedback.  As your reply demonstrates, we don't always get things right.  Our team will follow-up with you privately by email to understand the specific defects, steps to reproduce, your support and ACC history so that we can best advise you.   



on ‎10-13-2011 07:53 AM

Larry I would echo these comments and i have numerous posts in this forum to whihc there are no replies. The message that is posted is that this is not a fully supported Sage effort so by you posting here does this mean there will be a renewed effort to not ignor questions that might appear too hard like when is the DPI setting issue to be resolved? or Video issues on Terminal Server to name just 2.


These issues have been around now for 4-5 years and yet no definate fix. My clients pay for upgrades to find out the problems they had in previous versions are not fixed, and a bunch of new ones have appeared.

on ‎10-17-2011 12:41 PM



I am the Director of Sage ACT! Support for North America and members of my team help moderate the community.  Thank you for sharing your feedback on the community and I apologize that you feel some difficult issues you reported were ignored.  The moderators do monitor the community for guideline adherence and assist where possible for unanswered threads.  They also document and report issues they can duplicate and I want to make sure we have done so completely for the issues you describe here.  There are also some circumstances where upgrades and workarounds have resolved issues of GDI conflicts and we can help see if these may apply.  We will follow up with you privately by email to better understand and assist with the specific issues you think are not being addressed. 


Sandy Terilli

Director of Support, Sage ACT!