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The ROI of 'going green'....

by Employee on ‎03-19-2009 12:35 PM (4,297 Views)

I opened my voluminous monthly paper statement from Farmers Insurance this month and found several inserts in the envelope.  Ironically, one outlined numerous ways to reduce “your carbon footprint on the environment and save money.”  These options included online statements, online billing, policy discounts for ‘eco-friendly’ homes, and discounts for fuel-efficient vehicles. 


In this tough economic climate, retaining customers is incredibly important, and this requires delivering a consistent, quality customer experience.  How is this linked to saving the environment and saving money, you ask?


Many companies are improving their bottom line by implementing cost-saving measures that are also environmentally sensitive.  The good ones do it without any degradation of the customer experience.  The very best do it while also enabling customers to personalize and improve their experiences.  This often involves leveraging technology to accommodate the ways customers prefer to do business with them. 


In the case of Farmers, they have provided me options to personalize (improve) my experience by opting for electronic delivery of all future communications, which I did.  I prefer e-mail to paper mail, I save a few bucks a year on stamps, save a few trees, and help keep my policy costs down.  In exchange, it saves Farmers millions a year and increases my ‘stickiness’ as a customer.  It’s a very simple example of a virtuous cycle, a win-win.  Examples are everywhere today.  IBM has recently launched a multi-million dollar advertising campaign touting the energy efficiency of their new systems.  It's interesting to see how they've linked performance, ROI, and environmental sensitivity so effectively.


Each year, a greater percentage of Sage customers opt for electronic delivery of their software and documentation.  The technology has improved to where this method is highly efficient and can help satisfy an immediate business need.  Yet we still believe in offering a choice, as each customer has unique preferences and business requirements. 


Have you embraced ‘going green’ as a means to reduce costs and improve your customers’ experience?  How has technology played a role?  Whether you view the environmentally-sensitive angle as a marketing ploy or a noble-minded civic responsibility, isn’t the outcome the same? 

on ‎03-25-2009 03:12 PM

I agree that there are many ways to save time and money and reduce waste and that it is good business!


As CRM consultants, just doing what we do in terms of automating processes help folks to be more productive.  As I like to say I can save you time so you can spend more time selling.


ACT Customization, Outlook Integration, CardScan/ScanIT, Import.IT, QuickBooks Link, Dymo Stamps and Postal Scale, Scan and Organize, CompanionLink for PDAs, SwiftPage Email, etc . . .


I probably save several hours a week through automation and that's a quick payback on my investment.


This is what I sell to others as I live, eat and breath it.