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The Importance of Sharing Your Purpose, Vision & Values

by Employee on ‎12-05-2013 12:20 PM (6,804 Views)

CoolLivingTheExlamationImage_small.jpgDo you know why you show up for your job each day? Do your employees know?

It’s essential that all employees from the top down understand what their purpose is in the business.  The business will have a high level purpose which the employee can then relate to their specific role and how they play a part into it. 
Vision tells the employees where the business is going. Making sure that everyone knows what the goal is and what you’re working towards helps to see the future. Values are an added bonus which enlighten employees what the business really cares about. At Swiftpage, we got fun with this portion and, as you all know, we love our exclamation point symbol therefore we renamed “valued” to “Living the Exclamation”. These include things like; “Work is fun with a purpose” and “It’s okay to ask for help.” We frequently share social posts with the hash tags #LivingTheExclamation and #OneTeamOneJourney.
Even if a business has defined and communicated their purpose and vision they don’t necessarily live and breathe them. So much thought and care goes into developing these so why not enforce them with strength, fun and frequency?
Sharing your purpose, vision and values encourages your employees, partners and customers to join in on the fun culture and extreme drive this demonstrates.
What have you done that works?  What can you do to improve the awareness of your purpose, vision and values?