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The Future of Marketing and The 14 Types of Influencers

by on ‎10-10-2013 10:55 AM (4,532 Views)

Marketing is influenced by many different audiences today. It is quite a task to determine the best way to influence different types of audiences with effective marketing campaigns.


It is not surprising that many online consumers today prefer to trust recommendations from people they know versus reading an online advertisement.




Based on experience executing various influencer marketing campaigns, 14 types of influencers have been identified.  This infographic (produced by Mark Fidelman) does a great job of describing each one of these influencers and how their role has a significant impact on marketing campaigns. These influencers are also identified as most suitable for specific industries.  


Check out the entire article blog The Future of Marketing and The 14 Types Of Influencers”, by Rayn Forest (