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The Forward to a Friend Strategy – How Simple it is - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎06-14-2010 11:56 AM (3,118 Views)

The Forward to a Friend Strategy – How Simple it is

by Annie Cooley


It’s the simplicity, stupid! Hugh MacLeod, a cartoonist who blogs over at wrote a guest blog for Copyblogger on simplicity.

The most effective and efficient mode of communication that has moved his business forward has been – “My newsletter subscribers telling their friends about my newsletter, and suggesting that they sign up


He goes on to pose two simple questions:


1.    Is your list telling their friends about you? I mean, really telling them?
2.    Have you made it as easy and friction-free as humanly possible for your list to tell their friends?


Here is how he put these questions into action… 

He created a simple link on the bottom of the newsletter.


Hello from Hugh: Please share this link with your friends.


If their friends get the link and click on it, the page has a personal message from him.




One of your friends sent you the link to this page, and so here you are. Welcome!

My name is Hugh. I’m a cartoonist. I have a newsletter, “Hugh’s Daily Cartoon,” which I send out five mornings a week. A wee chuckle in your inbox, to start your day off on the right foot (so to speak). I hope you will subscribe.


Simple as that!


Read more of his article at Copyblogger.


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on ‎06-15-2010 05:45 AM