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The Curse of Complexity

by on ‎03-22-2012 12:50 PM (846 Views)

This afternoon I was struggling to get my VMWare image running faster and I had the strangest suggestion from one of my colleagues - give the image less resources, make it work on only 1 CPU and less RAM.  This notion was so absurd I nearly dismissed it, but imagine my astonishment when that actually worked splendidly!  


The only explanation I can think as to why this works is that the complexity of more resources made the image (and the host machine) run slower just plain processing the complexity of the configuration.  


For me complexity and simplicity are always top of mind, as product managers we're constantly researching, interacting with or trying to understand naturally complex and often unstructured systems and trying to simplify these into concepts, business proposals and features.  


I've personally found that I often create complexities when I try to impose an order or structure to things that aren't naturally structured.  There is no one best way to create and develop a relationship with someone, so rather than try to create a heavy structure for Sage ACT! we've found more success in embracing the different ways people want to interact and build their relationships using Sage ACT!.


Building a flexible system has it's own complexities, but the power to make a solution out of Sage ACT! that's simple to use FOR YOU is the real differentiator for Sage ACT!.  Often times when customers come from other CRM solutions to Sage ACT! it's because they've found the intricacies and forced structures of other systems too complex to use.   


Earlier today I asked a customer why they switched over to Sage ACT! 2012, the response: "It's a solution so simple it works!".