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Testing your email campaigns to ensure deliverability this holiday season - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎11-16-2010 09:03 AM (4,153 Views)

Testing your email campaigns to ensure deliverability this holiday season

by Annie Cooley


As the holiday season comes quickly upon us it is crucial that you create an email campaign that produces the highest results. One way to determine this is to test the effectiveness of an email campaign against another. There are many things to consider when determine what is successful or not.

Consider these best practices:


1.    Pick the variables you will test – subject line, layout, call to action, etc. If you test multiple variables at the same time make sure to keep track of which combinations brings about the most results, rather than looking at them on an individual level.  

2.    Pay attention to the amount of links you add in your email campaigns. When you have extraneous links you end up distracting the reader from your call to action.

3.    Determine what the most important feature of your email is and make sure its placement is viewable in the preview pane.

4.    The placement of your call to actions is crucial. Where do you put it? Do you include it at the end of copy, in between paragraphs of copy, to right of the copy, etc… Do you know which placement has produced greater results for you in that past?

5.    Do you have headlines that preface your content? A headline can have the same effectiveness as a well crafted subject line.

6.    When reviewing the results of each campaign make sure to pay special attention to the conversions, and not merely the clicks. Your email maybe extremely clickable but it won’t be successful until it produces conversions.


What about you? Have you tested email campaigns against each other? What results have your garnered?