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Technology Meets Personal Connection

by Employee on ‎03-10-2010 10:29 AM (811 Views)

There is a lost art that most of today’s generation is missing out on. That is the personal note, the thank you card, the birthday or anniversary congratulations. I can remember my mom writing thank you cards as she came back from a dinner at a friend’s house. Those notes didn’t have to say much, but it was a message that indicated “I am thinking of you and appreciate who you are or what you’ve done.”  And I can tell you that none of us can hear that enough.

So, in the days of Twitter and Facebook and short text messages, have we replaced those thoughtful notes with something less personal? Maybe not. Maybe we can use technology as a tool, but keep the personal touch in our messages.

How nice it is to show your employees you care by sending them that birthday note. I’ll admit that this was something that was a bit of a weakness for me as a manager. I adopted the philosophy that “I shouldn’t encroach on their personal lives”, even to the point of not making a big deal out of birthdays.

But as I’ve watched some of the business leaders that I admire, I’ve notices that they take a personal interest in people. They find out about their families, they remember their birthdays, they help them celebrate life’s accomplishments and send the message that you are not “just a number”.

In an age where good employees will be courted and recruited by other organizations it’s just a nice bit of relationship building to show them that you do care for them as people, and this can really go a long way to retaining top talent. As one saying goes, “I don’t care about what you know, until I know that you care.”

The beauty of our age and time is that one can use tools like ACT! to keep all of these miscellaneous pieces of information together. We really don’t have any excuses to miss out on telling one of our work associates, customers or friends, “happy birthday” or “congratulations on Johnny’s graduation”.

So, while I don’t expect us all to spend hours hand writing thank you notes. (Although it’s a very nice touch). Let’s use the tools that we have and the technology that our product provides to remind people we care about them as people. Just watch what it will do.