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Taking a Breath. #Vacation #Unplug

by on ‎06-26-2014 03:22 PM (27,393 Views)

I’m on day 9 of a 16 day vacation. This may be the longest vacation I’ve taken in my professional career. Despite the health, creativity, and even productivity results taking a break has shown, the majority of Americans leave time on the table when it comes to vacation.  I’m just like the norm on this one. 



I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on our products, systems, and future from a perspective of a serene lake. Watching children play with their cousins, calmly kayaking, less calmly learning balance on a paddle board; these moments have both rejuvenated and inspired me to try new things in the office.


But I don’t really completely disconnect. I still have my smart phone sending me emails and I habitually check them. Fortunately for my sanity the data service is spotty and I’m not checking it as frequently at the lake. I didn’t expect in Connecticut, one of the most densely populated states, to feel so wonderfully isolated. Yet, it came as no surprise that I got a high priority email on day six asking if I had any notes on an important customer and partner. Even my response saying I’ll look into it failed to send until I stood on the dock to get the best reception.


I’m fortunate to have my notes in Act! in my remote database on my laptop and not only saved on the internet. Web-based applications are meant to make data more accessible, but that’s only if you are accessible. This highlighted again to me what one of our greatest strengths are; Act! has a corner on deployment options. I don’t need to access my Act! Hosted instance. I can work locally.


My take away is get away. Untether. Paddle out. But bring a copy of your database with you. A day without clouds is supposed to be a good day.


Time for a watermelon eating contest with my 6 year old nephew.