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Take a listen to our new radio spots

by on ‎12-29-2010 02:27 PM (1,823 Views)

We recently started advertising on a new medium for us … satellite radio. We’ve stuck to other direct marketing tactics (online lead aggregators, SEM, direct mail, email, telemarketing, etc) more often than not, so this is really different for us. And it’s exciting to give it a run to see how it works.


I think one of the things that is both challenging and intriguing is the amazing amount of channels to choose from. There are all kinds of specialized stations and options which is really great for personalization, but narrowing it down involves a little science and a lot of art. We chose several news stations, a talk station, and some sports stations as well, as our target demographic folks tend to fall typically within those categories.


So we’re giving it a whirl as a test for some of our new “stuff.” We’re working on a host of other new tactics as well, and it’s really helped reenergize me as we move into the new year. The trick is in waiting it out to see if these new things work, how well, and how we really tell that.


I hope you’ll actually hear our radio spots on satellite radio. But, you can also take a listen here. These are for Sage ACT!’s “sister” product Sage SalesLogix, but based on the tests, hope to evaluate for Sage ACT! in the future as well.  Either way you listen to them, I’d appreciate any feedback – good, bad or otherwise!


Sage SalesLogix radio spot 1

Sage SalesLogix radio spot 2

on ‎12-29-2010 02:45 PM

What's "satellite radio"?

Where is it available?


Also, I thought SalesLogix was ACT!'s "big brother".... now it's a "sister"? ;-)



Mike Lazarus
ACT! Evangelist
GL Computing, Australia

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by Bronze Contributor
on ‎12-30-2010 06:25 AM

Satellite Radio, at least as delivered here in the US (or maybe NA) is a product from XM/Sirius - former competitors who are now one.  It is a unidirectional medium, just like AM & FM, that delivers audio in a digital format that requires a proprietary receiver to decode.  Many new cars come with one or the other receiver built-in and a free trial.  They operate on a monthly subscription basis.  There are also home and portable receivers.  There are hundreds of channels, music, talk, sports, etc - and it is subscription, so the idea of advertising is controversial - should I have to listen to advertisements when I'm paying for the service?  Oftentimes, the advertising is subtle - sponsorship of a program, for example.  I am not a subscriber - what I know, I know from having a brother who is on the engineering side of the house.


Some fun facts about Sirius - each satellite is approximately $250M to build, and another $250M to launch, and there are 3 satellites currently in orbit, but they're not geo-synchronous - they move relative to NA and any two are in position and operation at a time - the third satellite moves out of range and is 'put to sleep' to recharge batteries, and then comes into position and wakes up and another satellite goes to sleep.

on ‎12-30-2010 07:03 AM

Thanks for the reply on what satellite radio is, chieff ... very thorough description.


As for the comment, Mike, on Sage SalesLogix being a brother or sister to Sage ACT! -- no "official" naming meant in my comment, just communicating that the products are part of the family of products available from Sage.

by Bronze Elite Contributor
on ‎01-01-2011 06:27 AM

Hi Nicole and Happy New Year,


Sirius is 100% commercial-free, so how and where would these spots be heard? (


We've subscribed to Sirius for years, listening from everywhere as we are on the road travelling across the US and Canada at least 7 weeks a year, have a boat and a cottage in remote locations, even in our office all day.  But I don't recall ever hearing a single ad roll through.  However, your post does not specify Sirius/XM, just satellite radio. 


I also listen to broadcast radio, but only for local news and traffic, or the occasional broadcast concert/event. Our home town Toronto is a good radio market and we have ACT! clients in some of the local stations that we could do contra through.  Perhaps you might consider broadcasting your ads at local market levels instead of satellite?


It's nice to see Sage making efforts to increase visibility of it's brand and products.  Keep it up!


I very much look forward to seeing something for ACT!   In fact, we have a few spots that were professionally created for us that do include a call to action and a stronger hook, which in our case focused on all the return of time and profit when things at work are better organized.  


You asked for feedback on the Saleslogix spots you posted.  I played them both and they are OK but I believe that in our market, neither example would be listened to, remembered or acted upon. The bold, salesy chatter and "Susie in Seattle" testemonials are effectively deflected by the bs-shield I know most of our prospects operate full-time.  Let's face it, there's nothing in those messages that any other product wouldn't or couldn't say too. 


I listened intently but only because I cared.  Yet my inner prospect voice "Meh.... OK you're great... but why?  And why should I care?  What's in this message for me?"  The message left no impression and was immediately forgotten.  I know it can be difficult to do so succinctly, but I challenge Sage to prepare a more memorable and effective message that delivers actual content and meaning.... and to make one for ACT!, too!


PS. I  have a few conceptual ideas that IMHO and early market tests suggest they do deliver content and meaning, but we may not be able to execute. Current limitations in our time, product and delivery resources are frustrating us from answering the demands those market tests have proven would be created.  This information did not come free, but I welcome you to contact me directly to discuss further.  We don't have marketing degrees or departments but after over 20 years with ACT! we do know why our customers do or do not buy it.


on ‎01-03-2011 10:39 AM

Hi Pauluptime ... Happy New Year to you too!


You are correct that Sirius/XM offers commercial-free music. The sports, business, talk, infotainment type of content does have sponsored ads within the format, and those areas are the ones in which we'll be featured.


As for local radio, we have and will continue to look into that as well. Sage is running a local-focused radio ad campaign at the corporate level right now, talking about the value of the Sage family of products (but not necessarily naming the products individually). So we're going to take a look at the corporate campaign's results and see how they look versus our satellite radio-based campaigns.


And thanks for the candid feedback to the spots. I will take you up on your offer, and will follow up individually with you to get more info on your market tests. Thanks much!