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Sync Sage ACT! Calendar Data to Outlook #SageACT

by bwhalen_sage on ‎12-03-2010 09:55 AM (11,452 Views)

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If you’re like many Sage ACT! users, you have appointments in Microsoft Outlook and in Sage ACT!. In the past, getting these appointments to show up in one place was a bit tricky, but in Sage ACT! 2011 you can synchronize calendar and/or contact data between these two applications.


After sync is configured, appointments, activities, and tasks appear in both Sage ACT! and Microsoft Outlook calendars. Regardless of where they are added or updated, you will be able to stay on top of all your tasks in either application!


To Synchronize Calendar Data Between Sage ACT! and Microsoft Outlook:


1.  Open Sage ACT!


2.  From the Tools menu, click Preferences.


         a. Click the E-mail and Outlook Sync tab.


         b. Click Outlook Synchronization Preferences.



3.  In the Database grid, under “Select an ACT! database to synchronize with Outlook” the name of your database is listed. To select a different Sage ACT! Premium database to use as your Outlook address book, click Change.


         a. In the Change Sage ACT! Database field, type the full path and Sage ACT! Premium database name. Or, click Browse to locate and select the database.


         b. In the User name field, type your user name for the selected database.


         c. In the Password field, type the password for the user name.


         d. Click OK.



4.  On the Synchronize Calendar tab, select the Enable Calendar Synchronization with Outlook check box.



5.  If the same activity has been updated in both Sage ACT! Premium and Outlook, select which change should be saved.


         - Select Keep the ACT! activity if you want to save the changes made in Sage ACT! Premium when there is a conflict.

         - Select Keep the Outlook activity if you want to save the changes made in Outlook when there is a conflict.


6.  If an activity is cleared in Sage ACT! Premium, select what should happen to the activity in Outlook.


         - Select Leave the activity on the Outlook calendar if you want the activity to remain on your Outlook calendar.

         - Select Delete the activity from the calendar if you also want the activity removed from your Outlook calendar.



7.  Click OK.



8.  To synchronize activities or contacts between Sage ACT! Premium and Outlook immediately, click Yes.


To Manually Synchronize your calendar activities


1.  Do one of the following:


         - From the Schedule menu, click Synchronize Calendar with Outlook.

         - From the Tools menu, point to Synchronize with Outlook. Click Synchronize Calendar with Outlook.



Right-click the ACT! Sync Service for synchronizing ACT! data with Outlook icon in your system tray and click Synchronize Activities.

by Michelle CoastEagle
on ‎06-03-2016 02:21 PM

I am able to sync the outlook calendar to the ACT! but the calendar entries in ACT! won't go into outlook,


Any ideas?

by Steve Kemp
on ‎02-12-2017 06:27 AM

Is there any way to sync from Outlook 2007 to ACT! Pro 2012; or, to upload an iCal Appointment to ACT! Pro 2012 ?

by Steve Kemp
on ‎02-12-2017 06:46 AM

Please disregard prior post--I seem to have accomplished what i want, although I'm not quite sure how!  If (my) problem persists, I'll re-post; otherwise, the link of an iCal from Outlook to ACT! appears to be established.  Among other things, I opened the iCal post in Outlook and on next sync, it appeared as a Meeting in ACT! with the 'Schedule With' field populated with the meeting host.  So, issue resolved (as operator error).