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Strategy and Execution

by on ‎02-16-2010 10:43 AM - last edited on ‎02-16-2010 10:52 AM by (2,614 Views)

Not too long ago at a meeting of small business owners and advisors, a group member asked – "Would you rather have a great strategy and limited execution capabilities or no strategy but great execution abilities?".


The question struck me that a lot of small business owners probably fall into one of those 2 camps; either heavily focused on getting the strategy (and important investment capital) right, or so heads down on servicing customers there’s little time for strategizing.  Many small business owners work so hard to establish a steady cash flow they’re wary about moves that may jeopardize that flow. Of course the key to all business owners is to keep a balance of strategy and execution, which is often a matter of time management.   The most common phrase I heard at this group discussion was –"I’d love to get more info on how to attract new customers on this Twitter, or E-marketing, but I just don’t have time.".


It’s not surprising as a product manager to see customers seeking to do both strategy and execution using ACT!.  For so many ACT! customers the efficient, consistent execution of their business relies heavily on ACT!, and the time efficiencies enjoyed allow owners some room to strategize where their business is going.  Increasingly I hear about requests for dashboard components that are tailor made to provide insight into customer info that supports strategy decisions. There’s always an opportunity to accomplish some aspect of a business process faster, more reliably or more collaboratively, and ACT! is usually the center of that improvement for a business. Here at ACT! we realize business isn’t just about how to get from A to C faster, but also understanding how you’re going to get to T!

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