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Storing Email Campaign Results

by on ‎04-29-2010 11:48 AM (2,520 Views)

 Many customers forget one of the most fundamental aspects of the ACT! E-marketing service - the results that Swiftpage collects (opens, clicks, bounces, etc) are not stored in the database until the user downloads them.  ACT! E-marketing makes it very easy to see those results - in Call Lists and reports, for example - that often customers just assume the results have been written back to the database.  It's a subtle distinction, but those results are sitting on Swiftpage's servers, not the ACT! database.  They must be written back and updated periodically by the user.


As a refresher course, if you want the results to be stored in each contact's history record (highly recommended!), click on the ACT! E-marketing icon, and go to the Results tab.  The tab displays a list, by campaign, of all new results (since the last time they were stored in the database).   Check the box of the one you want (or hit the "Toggle All" button), and click on the submit button.  The results will be downloaded and you'll get a confirmation saying "Score updates successfully retrieved," which means the new information has been retrieved form teh Swiftpage servers and written into the appropriate contact history records.


In this way you have a permanent record of your campaign results, by contact.  I hope this has been useful!



By the way, there's a great article in our quarterly newsletter about a customer who saved lots by switching to ACT! E-marketing - check it out!