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Spring? Plant your seeds to get your (best) leads! #LeadGen

by on ‎04-10-2014 08:02 AM (4,005 Views)

I’m so excited!  Spring is in the air and I’ve spent the last few weeks with my two boys getting ready to start our first family vegetable garden.  We’ve set-up and framed two raised garden beds.  As my boys and I started working on our garden beds - that I affectionately call our “farm” - it occurred to me that many of the best gardening tactics also apply to website optimization, #leadgen, and effective customer relationship programs…


  • It’s all about the soil – Everyone knows that the best soil is rich with organic material, and your website is no different.  Relevant content is most critical and sets the foundation for your success in driving awareness and qualified customer acquisition.  Rich website content can also have a profound impact on “organic search” results which will allow your website to appear ahead of the competition because of relevance to key search terms. 


  • Optimize for the hot spots – Just as most vegetable gardens are at their best in full sun, your website pages’ primary call to action and field forms should appear above the fold and within the warm rays of the “golden triangle”  


  • Don’t over fertilize – Now that you’ve got all those leads, what do you do next?  An effective lead nurture program isn’t as easy as it seems.  Although marketing automation software has made it simple to execute and automate high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions, this very efficiency often times results in over-contacting key customer segments with irrelevant messaging. 

What do you think?


How does your garden grow? Do you have a green thumb with your marketing efforts?


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