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Social Updates provides a virtual insight into your customer’s interests #SageACT

by on ‎08-22-2012 09:06 AM (1,973 Views)

Social media gives you a fast and simple way to stay close to the things that your customers care about.  Now, Sage ACT! 2013 helps you capitalize on this unique insight by integrating with popular social media services. It pulls your customer’s recent posts together into one centralized view on their contact record. Once your social media “Connect” or “Friend” link is established in Sage ACT! 2013, Social Updates provides you with an insider’s look by displaying a collection of your customer’s last 25 posts to LinkedIn® and Facebook®, as privacy access allows. When you leverage this new feature you will develop a greater understanding of your customer’s needs, opinions and life events so you can act swiftly with a personalized phone call or a meaningful sales offer and message.


Here is what you gain with Social Updates in a Snapshot:


  • Develop unique insight based on a greater understanding of your customer’s day-to-day interactions through a centralized view of your contact’s last 25 posts made on LinkedIn® and Facebook®.
  • Dig deeper for more information by clicking on a post to display the complete social media profile.
  • Improve your sales and marketing effectiveness by actively watching your customer’s posts and related sentiments so you can gauge delivering the right offer and message, at the right time.
  • Put a face to a name by viewing recommended Sage ACT! contact match-ups and associating them with your LinkedIn Connections or Facebook friends.


Imagine the edge you’ll have!  Leverage the insight you can gain from social media updates with Sage ACT! 2013.

by Nickel Elite Contributor
on ‎10-08-2012 11:58 AM

It appears that the LinkedIn Social Updates ONLY WORKS IF the contact has "has allowed LinkedIn® to share information through the Turn on/off data sharing with 3rd party applications option".


So, you have to ask your contacts to turn this option on before this will work!!  NOT VERY GOOD!!

on ‎10-08-2012 12:09 PM

Correct. This is the nature of the tool. Facebook is the same way - as part of their privacy protection, you can only view updates through their API if the account holder allows you to.

on ‎10-08-2012 12:36 PM

It's a necessary privacy setting ... some users don't want their info shared without them doing it. I'd be wary asking contacts to change the setting - they might think you want to spam them


  • LinkedIN is an On/Off
  • Facebook allows you to sellect what info you share

Which makes sence as most people mix business and personal on Facebook


I'm moree disappointed that it doesn't auto-link contacts and display public data if not connected (with the option to request a link from the app) ... like Xobni and Outlook social connectors


Mike Lazarus
ACT! Evangelist
GL Computing, Australia

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