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Social Media Becomes Integral to Businesses Success @Swiftpage #Swiftpage #SageACT

by ‎08-29-2012 10:19 AM - edited ‎08-29-2012 10:42 AM (4,518 Views)

by Audrey Howes, Swiftpage


Our world, including our business world, is becoming more social by the day. By ‘social’ we don’t mean more meetings, coffee chats, and networking events. We mean social media. In their article 21 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2012, Dreamgrow said, “Social media is going to be integral part of everything we do when promoting our business. This will make social media an integral part of marketing and it will not be a separate activity.” Everything we have seen this year suggests their prediction is true.


So if social media is an ‘integral part of everything we do when promoting our business,’ how can we use it effectively?  Sage E-marketing for ACT! understands the social media trends and has added tools to Sage ACT! 2013 to make it easier than ever for you to socialize your business. Here are a few ways to socialize your marketing efforts today:

Psst… If you need some help establishing a presence on social media sites, start here. 


1.  It Starts with a Listening Ear


  • Set up a few Google Alerts for your business, some of your competitors, and industry related terms. Google will deliver a look at what is trending at your chosen interval. It’s an easy way to look at the big picture.
  • Review your social media sites regularly to see what your customers and potential customers are saying. Take note of their ideas, requests, complaints, and praises. Use these as starting places to generate future content and relevant campaigns.
  • Consider using a platform such as HootSuite to make your social listening easier.
  • Try out the new Social Updates feature in Sage ACT! 2013. It gives you an inside look at your customers last 25 posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

2.  Generate Share-Worthy Content


  • All of us like share information that strikes a chord in us… a passion, a great deal, new or interesting information, crazy statistics; you get the idea. When you are generating content try to identify what you and your customers would want to share.
  • Don’t work in a silo. Ask for opinions from peers or fellow team members when you put together a new piece.
  • Variety is the spice of sharing.  Try to generate a variety of content from blogs and articles to videos and infographics to pictures and quips.

3.  Share Your Content

  • Start the sharing trend by using Social Sharing in Sage E-marketing for ACT! At send, you can automatically post a web version of your email to your social sites. Sharing your email across your networks gives followers who have not subscribed to your email program a chance to see what you are sending.
  • Send your content to peers and colleagues and invite them to share it with their audience(s). Offer to tweak it if needed to better suit their demographic.


4.  Share the Sharing Love


  • Use Social Sharing to enable the footer sharing feature in your account. Share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will appear in the footer of your email. When a recipient gets excited about your email they can click on the share button of their choice and tell their ‘world’ about your email.
  • Share content from industry leaders, customers, and colleagues. Sharing other’s content may make them more willing to share yours.
  • Take time to leave comments on blog posts and Facebook updates. Retweet great tweets. Repin the best pins on Pinterest.  

5.  Stay Engaged


  • 2012 has shown us businesses need to stay engaged to stay relevant in our social world. Make Social Media a priority for your team.
  • Set reminders, schedule meetings, stock up on blog posts, change your notification setting for social networks… basically do whatever it takes to make sure you stay on top of your social media efforts.

Social media is the new media and it is here to stay. It’s not longer a bandwagon to jump on, it is the wagon. Hitch your marketing train to the social media wagon and watch your efforts pay off. The great news is Sage ACT! 2013 has taken a lot of the social media work and made it easier. Learn more about all of their new innovations. Don’t take our word for it… Swiftpage users have been telling us all year that Social Sharing has increased their reach, boosted their event attendance, given them new leads, and added to their following. See you in the social world!


Tell us about it! We’d love to hear how you are making social media work for your business.