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So many flyers and way too many choices

by on ‎08-30-2010 12:06 PM (635 Views)

Like a lot of you I’m sure, I’m dealing with back-to-school time in my house. And in addition to the basics like school supplies, readjusting to homework in the evenings, and hearing about the playground antics of the day, we’ve also started getting all the flyers for the after-school activities. There are an amazing amount of things to choose from: chess club, science club, gymnastics, volleyball, cheer, dance class, and a ton more. In the past we’ve run the gamut from overloading with an changing-every-day class, to scaling way back to just one thing a semester. We’re somewhere in between this year.


But it got me thinking, that it’s quite similar to the decisions we’re trying to make in the marketing world right now. With more limited budgets and time, how do you choose which things to do? There are a ton of ideas—just like the barrage of after-school classes—and you want to work on some cool and innovative things too, and not just the tried-and-true. Prioritization can occur based on results and revenue attainment of course, but if they’re new avenues for you, you may not know how they’ll perform.


So, just like I’m doing with my kids, where we have them participate in some of the standard things we know they’ll like, but encourage them to try one new thing as well, that’s where our collective heads are for this upcoming fiscal year.


We’re going to focus on some of the things we’ve got really good measurement and results for, and know we can use to sustain our leads. But, we’re branching out in some new areas as well (ratings & reviews functionality on our website, mobile marketing campaigns, more videos and overlay ads, satellite radio, in-app ads, and some others). We don’t have the data for all those to completely forecast our response for them, but we’re going to give them a try and create the benchmarks.


It should be a fun year, both for my kids at school with their new activities, and for us in marketing as we try ours. Wish me luck on both fronts!