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Small businesses are key target market for the new iPad

by on ‎03-07-2012 10:04 PM (1,892 Views)


It is clear that small businesses are a key target market for the new iPad - Equipped with a sharper screen, improved camera, quad-core CPU and 4G LTE connectivity the new iPad allows small businesses and entrepreneurs easier access to data that most important to their business and decision making.


According to a study conducted by The Business Journal, the iPad (and not other tablets) use and adoption by small businesses and entrepreneurs, has quadrupled in 2011.  34% of small businesses in the United States are now using the iPad – a number likely to grow even faster and enhance the trend we are already seeing with the announcement of the new iPad and sale of the iPad 2 at a reduced price of $399.


Data accessibility anytime anywhere has become the main factor that drives this sector to the iPad. But the new iPad gives even more reasons to fall in love with it …


Equipped with a sharper screen, a clear a game changer as a truly mobile device with this resolution (2048x1536) and 3.1 million pixels never existed before - it is expected that many small businesses and entrepreneurs would now embrace the new iPad specifically in the creative, graphics and design professional services.


The new iPad will certainly drive use by businesses with the new and improved productivity and content creation applications including iWork, iLife and iPhoto as well as the new voice-dictation, a feature you’ll notice from the addition of a microphone icon to the iPad keyboard – this would allow for digital note taking and email composing on the go - not quite Siri but a powerful feature nonetheless.


Other extremely valuable features are the improved camera with 5MP image and 1080p HD video capture as well as global universal support for high speed wireless broadband including 4G LTE connectivity.   


The new iPad would allow Apple to maintain its leadership position in the quickly-growing tablet market and dominant as the most useful and powerful tool available to small businesses - now, more than ever before!


- Vardit Jonasz


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