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Selling Without Presenting

by on ‎03-05-2009 03:19 PM (4,773 Views)

“The best presentation you will ever do is the one the prospect never sees" - David H. Sandler. 

Closing sales has more to do with asking thought provoking questions than, the flash and sizzle presentation of your features and benefits.  When the time comes for the Buyer to make a purchasing decision, sales people need not rely on features and benefits with "tie-backs" to the prospect's problems. In most cases -buyers have already made their buying decision, they are using your presentation to confirm their "buy" or "don't buy" decision. Meaning your chance to influence the decision has already passed!  Instead, earlier in the sales call, salespeople should manage conversations that uncovered and addressed both the logical and emotional reasons why the prospect is looking to buy.  The earlier we ask the questions in the decision process, the greater chance we have to win. Before we ask good questions we must establish a bond and rapport which allows us to make comments like… “What you are describing sounds rough, how may I help you?”  This soft question enables the Buyer to relax and tell you even more information.  You might hear things like, “yeah it is rough, I am on the road all the time and I cannot get the data I need and we have no centralized place to house our data.”  Salesperson again, use restraint this is not the time to start talking about "features and benefits", let the buyer keep sharing with you.  Respond with questions like “How long has this been going on? What would be your ideal situation?”. This dialogue should continue until the salesperson has the sense that the buyer has covered all of their concerns. Interestingly, at this point your presentation has been done, as the buyer understands, that through the questions asked you share their experience and understand the keys to their decision making for the buyer. Salespeople get comfortable asking better questions and the buyer will do the presentation for themselves instead of having to convince the buyer you will hear….."I want it.” 


on ‎03-06-2009 05:41 PM
I did this today in a networking group when it was my time to present.  I told the group that since I only had 10 minutes that instead of talking about features I'd instead talk about why people call me for help and showed them some pictures and testimonials of existing clients.  The audience identified with this and then started asking me questions and then I asked them more questions in return to keep the conversation going.  I ended up with 3 to 5 good referrals where the people referring me said things like you have got to talk with this person or I've got to figure a way to get you in front of this person.  My message was how to spend more time selling.
on ‎04-04-2009 05:22 AM

While this works for many products I usually find that, with ACT!, the benefits gained for the users being able to touch and feel the product and it's simplicity is what makes the sale.


There are very few products that, when a user tells you of their problems, you can show them how to customise a solution right in front of them.


It's the reason that typical marketing excercises don't have as great a return for ACT!... and also the reason that I wish Sage would bring back the downloadable trials.


DvT stopped the trail downloads because, at the time, there were installation issues that, if the user encountered them, would hurt their perception. But, since ACT1 10.02 and especially with ACT! 2009, most of these issues have been addressed.


I really think making the ACT! 2009 trail versions available again would help sales... any chance?



Mike Lazarus

ACT! Evangelist