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Sell More Through Email #Tips #Email #Marketing #Actv16

by on ‎05-13-2014 04:25 PM (3,866 Views)

By now, you’ve probably heard the big news, “The latest version of Act! rocks!”  Act! version 16.1 has made emarketing integration simple and easy.  More importantly, the addition of Act! emarketing provides Act! users with a powerful marketing tool that allows our customers to sell more.


Selling more via email does not necessarily mean sending more email.  Batch and blast or spray and pray email marketing tactics will not deliver the long-term results you are looking for from a revenue perspective, nor will those tactics provide you with happy prospects and customers who engage (and stay engaged) with your programs.


If you’re not segmenting and targeting individual groups with individual messaging and following up individually, you are losing.  We believe in an approach that focuses on WHO first, then WHAT, then WHO again.


Just getting started with Act! emarketing?  Take our expert advice and sell more.  Reach out to your most engaged customers with a multi-channel strategy that leverages the power of Intelligent Call Lists that tell you who to call next - zero in on the hottest leads with a list of prioritized contacts.


  1. Expedite follow-up with a prioritized list organized by engagement to contact those who are most interested
  2. View Call Lists for each campaign or combine the hottest leads from all campaigns
  3. Review all your campaign Call List results by a specified time frame

Act! v16.1 is available to customers who have purchased Act! version 16.  If you’re on an older version of Act! and are interested in upgrading check give us a call at 800-789-8098.


What are you excited about in Act! v16.1? Share with us here!