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Secondary Education Matters #Education by @kassi_c_harris

by Employee on ‎07-09-2014 06:36 AM (27,991 Views)

We have so many young and bright minds surrounding us; we need to make sure we’re passing on the message of secondary education.  Many of us might be most familiar with the common secondary education we call “college”. This is definitely one path to go down, however,  this may not be the path for everyone. It's important to communicate all paths and ways to get there.  There are so many different life scenarios for these young people that we want to make sure we cover them all including;


  • College
  • Certificate Programs
  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Trainings

Today, more than ever, many of our youth don't have an Ivy League college savings account sitting there waiting for them. There are many scholarships available these days, but these young adults may need assistance from us to educate and encourage them to apply for these funds.  


Looking for ways to help? As business owners or influencers get your business to sponsor a scholarship program.  However big or small, it's a great way to help these young brilliant minds reach their full potential!


Here at Swiftpage, we recently partnered with the non-profit organization KidsTek to create Swiftie.U, a week-long summer camp for high-school juniors and seniors aimed at providing real-world training on marketing, sales and business management skills in a corporate setting. One requirement...learning the Swiftie value of "Work is fun with a purpose".  We're just finishing up day two of this week long program and having a fantastic time with these gifted young people. At the end of the week, one student and/or group will be awarded a scholarship based on their final presentation to be used towards secondary education. You can read all about Swiftie.U here.